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WA’s Registrar of Titles Jean Villani

Caption: WA’s Registrar of Titles Jean Villani

E-conveyancing revolutionises the State's property industry

The introduction of Australia’s National Electronic Conveyancing System (NECS) means change for all industries associated with property transactions.

Electronic conveyancing, launched by Landgate in May 2015, allows for a complete property transaction to take place online.  

Western Australia's Registrar of Titles Jean Villani said in order to stay relevant and best serve the interests of the State and its citizens, property transactions had to start operating in a digital economy. 

“At Landgate, we want to provide our customers with the easiest, most efficient and effective system possible,” she said. “We are aiming for a world first – seamless, virtual land transactions across the whole country.”  

With change afoot, Jean assured that the new system extends rather than replaces the current paper channel.  

“The main principles of the Torrens system have not and will not change,” she said. 

“The integrity of the system will not be undermined and the confidence of our community won’t be compromised. Landgate will still maintain the public registry, guarantee certainty of Title and compensate for unlawful loss of Title.” 

Jean said while e-conveyancing is today’s digital disruption, it is tomorrow’s advantage in driving productivity and new growth for industries able to capitalise on the changes. 

“NECS will provide many benefits to the State for both industry and citizens,” she said. 

“The new electronic system provides an efficient and convenient way of settling property transactions and lodging documents. Transparency for all parties to a transaction provides for greater certainty of settlement. In the current paper system, research indicates that 34 per cent of property settlements in Western Australia are delayed due to avoidable circumstances. In NECS, the registry information supply and pre-lodgement verification ensures all parties have accurate and matching information before proceeding to settlement. These features reduce the risk of settlement delays, improving confidence in the settlement process.”  

Mortgages, discharge of mortgages, transfers of land, caveats and withdrawals of caveat can now all be lodged electronically at Landgate by licensed settlement agents and legal practitioners. 

For more information, visit the Electronic conveyancing page on Landgate’s website which includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Pastures from Space image

Pastures from Space delivers near real-time information tools for farmers

Landgate’s Pastures from Space (PfS) service, which provides farmers with online Pasture Growth Rates (PGR) and estimated Feed On Offer (FOO), has recently been upgraded and will be launched in early 2016. 

Landgate's Imagery Product Manager Andrew Gordon said near-infrared data is collected by satellites that orbit the earth daily. The data is archived by Landgate’s Satellite Remote Sensing Services and then processed to deliver near real-time paddock-level information, designed to assist farmers in tactical and strategic decision making. 

“Pastures from Space provides a vegetation health index (NDVI), accurate and quantitative estimates of available pasture (pasture biomass) and when combined with interpolated climate data, provides weekly PGR estimates during the growing season,” he said.

“These estimates provide temporal and spatial information on feed resources, which allows farmers to manage their farm more effectively and potentially raise the productivity and profitability of their operation.” 

“With this enhanced offering, farmers now have access to two different satellite platforms, either the weekly composite collected at 250m ground resolution, or the higher 30m resolution imagery updated every 16 days. It also includes a Stocking Rate Calculator and charting tools that provides historic paddock level information back to 2004.”

Compatible for use on Apple and Android mobile devices (tablets), the new PfS service has been trialled by registered participants since August, with a number of enhancements implemented as a direct result of user feedback. An end of trial survey conducted with participants found that 94 per cent ‘agree or strongly agree’ that PfS will increase efficiencies in their business, and 87 per cent would recommend PfS to others.

To find out more about the new Pastures from Space, please contact Landgate Account Manager, Roberto Hofmann on +61(08) 9273 7488.

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Caption: CRCSI Award winners – Ben Fitzpatrick, CRCSI PhD Student (Student Excellence Award); Professor David Lamb, CRCSI Science Director & University of New England Precision Agriculture Research Group Leader (Research Excellence Award); Mike Bradford, Landgate Chief Executive (Chair's Award); and Arthur Berrill, President of DMTI Spatial (Canada) (43pl Company Award).

Caption: CRCSI Award winners – Ben Fitzpatrick, CRCSI PhD student (Student Excellence Award); Professor David Lamb, CRCSI Science Director & University of New England Precision Agriculture Research Group Leader (Research Excellence Award); Mike Bradford, Landgate Chief Executive (Chair's Award); and Arthur Berrill, President of DMTI Spatial (Canada) (43pl Company Award).

Landgate honoured at spatial industry conference

Chief Executive Mike Bradford was recently honoured at the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) annual conference. 

He was awarded the CRCSI Chair's award in recognition of his contribution to the development and success of the CRCSI.

Landgate makes a significant investment in the CRCSI. That investment helps drive the research agenda and contributes towards the achievements of the centre.

Chief Executive Officer of the CRCSI Dr Peter Woodgate outlined these achievements, which are estimated to exceed an economic impact of $670 million across positioning, image processing and other spatial technologies.

Landgate’s Director WALIS Damian Shepherd, who also attended the conference, said it was an ideal forum for partners to come together from across the private and public sector.
"The centre is recognised by the Commonwealth Government as having a unique and powerful way of engaging the private sector," he said.

"It was really inspiring to see examples of the huge range of opportunities the CRC is helping to explore – from the future of driverless cars, to the arrival of micro-satellites; you get a sense that a new space (and spatial) age is here."

Visit the CRCSI website to learn more. 

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Better firefighting tools - a national first

For the first time in Australia, authorities and the community will be able to use satellite data to identify fires as small as 375 metres in length using cutting-edge technology available on Landgate’s FireWatch-Pro and Aurora websites.

Landgate Satellite Remote Sensing Services (SRSS) Manager Matt Adams said until now, authorities could only use satellite imagery to see fires one kilometre in size, or larger.

The breakthrough was made by staff at Landgate’s Satellite Remote Sensing Services (SRSS) who fine-tuned data provided by United States’ owned satellites.

Matt said the advancement was an example of Landgate’s innovative culture. 

“SRSS worked hard to adapt the software to better meet the needs of fire authorities in Western Australia and across the nation,” he said.

“This is just one way that Landgate is joining other agencies in helping to combat the threat of bushfire to the Western Australian community.”

Landgate’s award winning Aurora website also provides emergency services with access to bushfire simulation maps and prediction tools.

For more information about how to prepare for bushfires, visit

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More information for home owners and property buyers

New information in Landgate’s Property Interest Report can inform existing owners and new buyers whether a building is on a local government municipal inventory or located in a fire prone risk area.

Local governments use municipal inventories to record places which are of heritage interest within their own locality. Bushfire prone areas identify those areas across the state that are subject to, or likely to be subject to bushfire. This is particularly relevant in the lead-up to the bushfire season.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said these are two of more than 70 interests that property buyers and home owners can learn about if they order a Property Interest Report.

“Property Interest Reports have important information about restrictions and responsibilities which may impact on an owner’s use or enjoyment of land,” Mr Bradford said.

“Other interests include whether a property is likely to experience aircraft noise or is near power and water infrastructure”.

Legislation relating to property interests changes over time. Existing home owners who are thinking of renovating or landscaping can learn more about any interests that could impact plans to improve their property.

Purchase a Property Interest Report from Landgate’s website. An up-to-date list of interests currently available in the report and an Interest Dictionary are free tools where you can learn more about Western Australian property interests.

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