Land Matters November 2017

Could your property development be culturally significant?

Landgate’s Property Interest Report now includes municipal inventory, an interest listing places that are or could become culturally or historically significant.

The Department of Planning, Land and Heritage (DPLH) collaborated for more than three years to complete the dataset, with Landgate supplying DPLH with a fulltime resource for the project for over a year. Landgate has now made it available in the Property Interest Report.

The listing of a place or property in a municipal inventory is recognition of its heritage importance to the community.

Local government organisations use the municipal inventory list as a factor in decision making for property developments, additions and construction works on residential properties. Having a property on the list could mean that certain guidelines or criteria need to be followed in order to obtain approval.

Places entered in a municipal inventory do not have legal protection, unless they are included in a separate Heritage List which is linked to the local planning scheme, or they are protected under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 by being included in the State Register of Heritage Places, or by having a Conservation Order or Heritage Agreement.

The decision to enter a place in the municipal inventory rests with the local government. However, a key objective of the process of compiling an inventory is to prepare the list with public consultation and to achieve community consensus on the result.

A municipal heritage inventory assists local governments to:

  • provide a cultural and historic record of the local district
  • determine local government conservation policies
  • provide information about local heritage that may be required under a town planning scheme for that district.

Listings in the municipal inventory are published in the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage online database, inHerit. There are more than 25,000 places in the places database.

Municipal inventory is just one of the many interests contained within Landgate’s Property Interest Report. Visit the Landgate website for a snapshot of all 76 known interests for a particular property or place.

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Landgate SPUR on Sri Lanka 

Landgate is hosting 12 Fellows from Sri Lanka throughout November and December 2017 as part of the Australia Awards Program.

The Fellows are visiting from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Lands, the organisation responsible for the accurate determination of land ownership and for the change-over from deeds to secure a title registration.

Sri Lanka have been in a process of land reform since 2007. It is hoped that the visit will bring about improved governance of land and the establishment of a reliable titling system that will contribute to Sri Lanka’s overall economic development.

The one-month educational visit gives the Fellows an insight into Landgate’s practices and processes of land registry administration, leadership and innovation in the Western Australian public sector.

Cultural exchange is an equally important part of the Fellows’ visit. During their stay, the Fellows will “buddy” with volunteer Landgate staff who will accompany them to key places of interest, of both business and pleasure. Of course, the beach is a must!

Landgate and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Lands have been involved in a number of missions, Fellowships and projects since 1997. The two organisations have an ongoing Memorandum of Understanding to sharing expertise in the land information management sector. This fellowship contributes to this ongoing development of Sri Lanka in its land reform.

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Plan examination milestone achieved

The New Land Registry-Plans (NLR-P) system made a significant achievement with the first portal plan to be entirely processed electronically.

Paul Lawford drafted Deposited Plan 413169, Licensed Surveyor Jason Weaire certified it and lodged it on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Landgate conducted the automated plan examination in 12 seconds, and the NLR-P sent it to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) two minutes and 48 seconds later.

This compares with an average of 20 working days for the examination and forwarding for manually processed plans.

Landgate Survey General Dione Bilick praised the efforts of the NLR-P team for the work it has done to get the project to this stage.

“DP413169 brings the total number of "portal plans" lodged in NLR-P to seven.

“It’s a slow but accelerating start as more surveyors become proficient with the system and identify subdivisions within the present capabilities of NLR-P.

“As we increase its functionality, there will be more subdivisions that can be effected using a portal-generated deposited or survey-strata plan.

“I am confident we will see faster and faster turn-around times than we could hope to achieve in a wholly manual process,” she said.

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Innaloo shopping centre turns 50

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Innaloo Shopping Centre – now known as Westfield Innaloo.

At the time, it was the largest shopping centre in WA covering over 11,500m2. Initial shopping drawcards included a Boans, a Woollies and an R&I Bank with a drive through window – even then!

In a bid to promote the complex and attract customers from its nearest rival (at Floreat Forum) celebrities from around the country were regularly invited to ‘meet and greet’ the locals. These included the likes of Johnny Farnham, Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and boxer Lionel Rose.

Use the slider to compare the extent of urban and commercial developments from 1968 to 2017 and the disappearance of the iconic Metro Drive-in.

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