Land Matters May 2017

Mt Henry Bridge imagery 1981 to now

Tuesday 9 May 2017 marked the 35th anniversary of the opening of the Mt Henry Bridge, constructed as part of the extension of the Kwinana Freeway in 1982. At 660 metres, it is the longest road bridge in Western Australia.

Slide between 1981 and now to see the construction and later expansion of the bridge compared with today.

The bridge is named after Lieutenant John Henry who led an exploratory party of 25 men on the first survey of the Canning River and surrounding areas in June 1829.

Landgate has a selection of historical maps, charts, photographs and Crown plans dating back more than 100 years ago to early settlement. Original documents drafted by early explorers and notable pioneers can be reproduced on quality photographic paper at a size to suit you. Learn more.

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‘Locate’ WA food destinations while watching cooking program

Viewers of NITV’s new food program, On Country Kitchen, will see delicious dishes as well as aerial imagery of Western Australia provided by Landgate.

The first episode in the six-part series of On Country Kitchen premiered on Wednesday 24 May at 7.30pm. It features Noongar comic Derek Nannup and chef Mark Olive who tour the South-West turning local fresh produce into mouth-watering meals.

Landgate Chief Executive Jodi Cant said the producers of the program approached Landgate for maps of some of the locations on show during the series including Augusta, Yallingup and Bridgetown.

“The producers wanted to give viewers an understanding about where destinations featured in the series were located in Western Australia,” Ms Cant said.

“We thought the perfect way to do this was to provide aerial imagery from Locate, part of Western Australia’s Shared Location Information Platform which is powered by Landgate.

“The show’s producers adapted our imagery to creatively introduce each food location.

“It was a perfect example of how Locate can be used in different and interesting ways.

“Landgate is always looking for creative, innovative ways of using the data we have.

“We are keen to collaborate with businesses which think outside the square.

“We were especially excited that we were able to contribute to On Country Kitchen as it’s a great program that showcases indigenous culture, amazing food and beautiful scenery from the South-West of the state.

“I’d encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the destinations featured in the show or any other areas of Western Australia to visit Locate to explore the location information available.”

Tune into NITV on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm to check it out.

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The Landgate Story goes global

Landgate’s innovative business practices have received global attention with the agency’s Chief Executive Jodi Cant presenting to Princeton University’s prestigious ‘Innovation for Successful Societies’ program in the United States.

Ms Cant travelled to Washington DC to share the story of Landgate’s journey from its inception in 2007 to being the innovative and dynamic business it is today.

Princeton University invited Ms Cant to travel to the US for the event after Princeton researcher Maya Gainer visited Landgate in March 2017 to interview employees and study the agency’s business.

Ms Cant said land agencies from across the world were interested in Landgate.

“This is global recognition of the hard work, creativity and innovative spirit of every one of us at Landgate,” Ms Cant said.

“This puts the success of our agency on the global stage where we will tell the story of how we have adapted, created, enhanced and led our industry in Australia, and in many ways, the world.”

Landgate shared the spotlight with other land information agencies from across the world, including South Africa, Canada, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan and Mozambique.

Ms Cant’s travel was funded by Princeton University.

Read Landgate’s case study.

Read about Innovations for successful societies.

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