Land Matters March 2017

Pastures from Space Plus wins agricultural award

Landgate has won the Best New Agricultural Release Award at the 2017 Wagin Woolorama for its innovative online farm monitoring tool, Pastures from Space Plus.

Landgate Chief Executive Jodi Cant said Pastures from Space Plus gives farmers access to high resolution satellite imagery of their paddocks.

“This is only one of the features, farmers can also find more than a decade of historical pasture data and rainfall figures,” Ms Cant said.

“This information can give farmers an edge when making important management decisions about feed budgeting, stocking rates and fertiliser application.

“Better still, farmers can use their tablets or smart phones to make these decisions anywhere, anytime.

“Farming is something I am very passionate about as I grew up in Walkaway in Western Australia’s Mid-West region.

“We’ve had positive feedback from farmers and agronomists who say Pastures from Space Plus is taking the guesswork out of farming.

“Landgate has developed Pastures from Space Plus with farmers, for farmers and we are proud to receive recognition by the agricultural community at the 2017 Wagin Woolorama.”

Landgate was ranked 22nd last year in the Australian Financial Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List with Pastures from Space Plus one of the judges’ considerations.

Pastures from Space Plus added some new features prior to Wagin Woolorama including multi-farm functionality. This allows farmers with more than one farm to add them all to their existing subscription, saving them time and money. Learn more about Pastures from Space Plus.

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Landgate’s International Women’s Day event - Be Bold for Change

Landgate has celebrated International Women’s Day by challenging attendees to make changes that will benefit this generation as well as the future of our community.

It was the 20th year Landgate has held the breakfast event which featured guest speakers Jemma Green and Jaime Yallup Farrant.  The event began with a Welcome to Country by Noongar Elder Di Ryder who shared a powerful story about her mother who worked hard to bring up her family.

Ms Green is the co-founder and chair of Power Ledger, a start-up company that supports peer-to-peer energy trading of solar energy in apartments.  Ms Green shared her insights into the participation of women in the workplace. She said women were often disadvantaged professionally because they did not use effective language when articulating their skills and achievements.

Ms Green donated her speaker’s fee to Be the Change Australia, represented by Ms Yallup Farrant. Be the Change Australia is not-for-profit group that works to empower and inspire the community to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.

The global theme for International Women’s Day this year is Be Bold for Change, one addressed by both speakers in quite different ways.

Landgate Chief Executive Jodi Cant said her agency was passionate about innovation: “new technologies are driving change in our world and we see innovation as a way of meeting challenges and seizing opportunities,” she said.

“That’s why we established Landgate’s innovation hub SPUR which is guiding some of WA’s most dynamic entrepreneurs and working closely with them to bring their innovative ideas to life.

“We have a diverse workplace at Landgate and value the contributions of all our employees.”

Ms Cant also thanked the City of Swan and Sandalford Winery who sponsored the event.

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High profile speakers talk innovation at Landgate

A number of high profile speakers presented at Landgate in March for Innovation month, an annual event that celebrates and inspires the agency’s employees.

The month’s theme was Innovation: Everyday by Everyone in recognition of the role small, incremental changes make to the success of a business.

Over 21 days there were 11 events including speakers from Woodside, Aurecon, Dialog, and Bankwest.

Claire Madden, founder and director of Hello Clarity, introduced Landgate to Gen Z’s words (born 1995 to 2009).

She talked on morphing language (TOLO, FOMO, cray cray), increased life expectancy, artificial intelligence, global connectivity and digital disruption.

Where once people had one or two jobs throughout their adult life, Gen Z can expect upwards of 17 different jobs in five different careers, with many of those jobs not only not yet existing, but not yet thought of.

Jon Williams, Global Leader for PwC's People and Organisation business, spoke on some of the changes we are likely to experience in our future work lives.

With disruptive innovations creating new industries and business models, Jon stressed that no one could know for sure what the future would bring, but offered some predictions based on the information available.

He said half the current jobs are expected to be impacted by technology in the next 10 years. Repetitive tasks would be automated, while professions that require innovation, creativity and empathy would still require a human brain.

Other highlights included presentations from Sean Salter, Vice President Technology, Woodside Energy Ltd and researcher Kevin Vinsen, who spoke about how the Square Kilometre Array is being used to investigate fundamental questions about the universe.

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