Land Matters June 2017

The countdown begins for HackED 2017

This is the annual secondary student challenge where innovation with geodata is the name of the game, and anything goes.

Students in Years 7 to 12, in two divisions, will look at real-life challenges suggested by Landgate, the Water Corporation and the WA Police, among others, throwing their creativity and entrepreneurial skills at the problems.

They will form teams of four to six, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and register for the free, one-day, creative problem solving experience that will test their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) smarts.

To guide and inspire the students, Landgate is seeking mentors with skills and experience in GIS, start-ups, lean methodology or digital business. If you’d like to help, please register your interest on the HackED website.

Contact for more information about becoming a mentor or registering a team.

Date: Thursday 17 August 2017

Time: 9am to 2pm

Venue: Midland Railway Workshops, Block 2, 6 Centennial Pl, Midland WA 6056

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Pastures from Space Plus End of Financial Year Offer extended: save $99!

Landgate invites Land Matters readers who sign up to Pastures from Space Plus to take up a special offer.

The offer for subscribers waives the set-up fee, saving $99. To receive the free set up offer, you must sign-up and pay online prior to midnight 9 July 2017.

Farmers, graziers and agronomists have worked together with Landgate to produce a unique product that helps farmers turn pastures into profit.  

Using state of the art satellite technology, Pastures from Space Plus makes it easy to calculate grazing, feed budgeting and fertiliser application giving farmers a better view of their paddocks, saving them time and money.

And now with enhanced features to the service, such as multi-farm functionality and data download, farmers will be able to take the guesswork out of decision making even more.

Learn more or try our demonstration farm now.

For more information, please contact our Pastures from Space Plus team on +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

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Your council rates: explained

Landgate has teamed up with Western Australian local councils to explain the rating and taxing process that councils use to help determine rates.

Additional information will be in rates notices in July and August 2017 to explain how Landgate’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) rating is applied to Western Australia residents.

Working with Western Australian local councils, Landgate hopes this will help the public to better understand the valuation process and its importance to the state and its residents.

The information explains to ratepayers how a GRV is calculated and how it contributes to their council rates bill.

It is a common misunderstanding that Landgate’s GRV is the only factor determining the council rates charge. This is incorrect. Each year, councils set a revenue target as a part of their budgeting. To meet their target, they determine a ‘rate in the dollar’ by dividing the rates collection by the total amount of valuations on their roll. An individual property’s rates are calculated by multiplying the GRV by the rate in the dollar determined by the council.

Landgate also explains how the date of valuation for a Gross Rental Value is calculated every three years. The date of valuation for metropolitan council rates notices this year is 1 August 2015. This means that the GRV allocated to a property in 2017 will be based on available rental evidence in 2015. Considering the rental market has softened over the past two years means that the GRV could be higher than its current perceived value. Likewise, during periods of economic growth, the GRV is often lower than perceived value.

For more information, read more about rating and taxing, or contact our customer service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7373.

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