Land Matters August 2017

STEM students showcase innovative skills at HackED

Transforming water drainage areas into wetlands, a gaming app to train people for mining jobs and an app to help WA Police and the community map anti-social areas were just some of the winning ideas at HackED 2017.

The annual hack-a-thon run by SPUR, powered by Landgate brought together 200 keen secondary students on 17 August 2017.  They gathered at the Midland Railway Workshops and used location data to develop new ways to improve their communities.

SPUR General Manager Peter Markham said it was an unrivalled opportunity for students to discover the wide range of location information available through

“HackED is a fast-paced, exciting way for students to discover the power of open data and to build critical thinking, creativity and digital literacy - key career skills,” Mr Markham said.

“This year the judges were thoroughly impressed by the standard of entries.

“The students took location data and added their creativity to solve community challenges and explore ways of improving services to young people.”

Mr Markham said the event was made possible with the generosity of sponsors including the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, City of Swan, Bankwest, Bloom, Esri Australia and TSG.

Read more about the winners on the Landgate website.

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New Surveyor General for Western Australia

Landgate’s Dione Bilick is the latest in a long line of dedicated professionals to serve as Western Australia’s Surveyor General.

As the the state’s 20th Surveyor General, Dione takes up a role stretching back to 1829 when John Septimus Roe was appointed. Western Australia’s first Premier John Forrest also served as the state’s Surveyor General.

Landgate Chief Executive Jodi Cant said Dione was an obvious choice.

“Dione has been instrumental in projects that have modernised services to the surveying profession,” said Jodi.

“She’s a leader, a reformer and an innovator.  

“Her enthusiasm has led to major improvements to the way plans and surveys are managed in Western Australia.”

Dione said she was honoured to be appointed as Surveyor General.

“This position has been held by people of such high calibre and I’m proud to add my name to that distinguished list,” said Dione.

“I hold surveyors in the highest regard and will continue to drive projects that benefit Western Australia’s development and the surveying profession as a whole.”

Read Lands Minister Rita Saffioti’s announcement.

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Curtin University 1965 to now

This month marks 51 years since Curtin University opened in Bentley, Western Australia.

The doors opened on 17 August 1965 to the first students at the brand new campus.

The location was chosen when a number of other unsuitable sites were rejected. The site was selected in 1962 and built over the next four years.

Slide over the aerial image to view the change from 1965 to 2017.

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Note: A technical glitch with our email software meant the wrong heading was displayed for the story above. We've included the story below from last month for your information.

Registrar announces dates for electronic conveyancing shift

It’s been something like 30 years in development, and now licensed conveyancers (settlement agents and lawyers) have certainty about the move to electronic lodgement of land transfer documents.

The Registrar of Titles announced that from 1 December 2017, all eligible mortgages, discharges of mortgage and refinances should be transacted through an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO) such as the PEXA platform.

From 1 May 2018, this will also apply to all eligible documents including transfers, caveats, withdrawal of caveats and any combination of these.

At present, only those who hold an Australian Business Number and meet character, insurance, and qualification requirements under the Model Participation Rules may register with the ELNO, PEXA; meaning self-represented parties are not included in these requirements.

The Registrar anticipates eligible property transactions carried out by subscribers will rise to roughly 60 per cent of all transactions, equating to a significant time saving and rise in confidence for buyers and sellers who can now follow the process as it happens, where traditionally they were left out.

While electronic conveyancing has existed in other parts of the world for more than a decade, Australia’s version (with Western Australia’s role one of leadership) includes the financial aspects.  The PEXA process includes sending payment instructions to the Reserve Bank meaning cleared funds are disbursed in real time rather than waiting three business days for a cheque.

Landgate has sponsored the Australian Institute of Conveyancers to provide accreditation training to licensed settlement agents and has updated its policy and procedure guides to support subscribers to move across from manual conveyancing.

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