Land Matters April 2017

Winthrop Hall, UWA imagery 1953 to now 

April 2017 marked the 85th anniversary of the opening of Winthrop Hall (UWA).

Building commenced in 1929 on the 51-hectare site in Crawley, just west of Perth. The majestic, Mediterranean-style Winthrop Hall with its striking clock tower, Hackett Hall and administration buildings were completed in 1932.

See a sliding image of 64 years of change to the UWA site from 1953 to now.

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SPUR's one year of living innovatively

Launched in April 2016, SPUR powered by Landgate promised to Accelerate, Stimulate and Collaborate as Western Australia’s inaugural Location and Innovation Hub.

It has delivered on that promise.

SPUR instantly sparked an exciting new era of discovering and assisting innovative, location-based technology.

Within its first twelve months, SPUR has delivered a diverse range of achievements for both industry and Government.

SPUR has:

  • empowered local start-ups to accelerate their ideas to reality
  • created efficiencies within Government through collaboration
  • shared knowledge, experience and built collaborative networks locally, nationally and internationally
  • empowered school students with HackEd training initiative
  • invested in Innovation and Research through collaboration with Government, Industry and Academia
  • opened more data to the community through collaboration with its partners and other agencies
  • created new revenue streams for the State of Western Australia, including the launch of Landgate’s second Joint Venture ‘Advara’.

SPUR has delivered more than $5 million in savings and benefits to Government while opening up government data to empower decision-making and the economy, with more than 850 datasets from 59 agencies available today and growing.

There has been a drive to stimulate investment in local start-ups, which has been successful through several SPUR initiatives, including the ‘SPUR on WA’ grants program, mentoring, providing co-working office space, reduction in cost of entry to data and cutting red tape.  These services have directly equated to employment of more Western Australians through acceleration of their ideas to reality.

By granting six SPUR Developer’s Licences, created specifically for start-ups’ affordable entry-level access to Landgate data, SPUR has reduced the cost of doing business for government and industry.

This has resulted in direct employment of West Australians whilst providing new disruptive solutions to a diverse range of markets.

SPUR is particularly proud to have assisted four start-ups to market through licences, mentoring and co-working support - Visit their websites Mi Kastle, PropertySMS, MoneyCatcha, Landguide.

But the jewel in SPUR’s crown was the launch of the inaugural SPURonWA grant program attracting 47 applicants.

SPUR awarded grants totalling $91,000 to nine innovative WA ideas with a strong location information component to assist the growth of local business enterprise and develop a stronger WA economy.

SPUR is supporting the grant recipients through further mentoring and training opportunities by the SPUR team and its growing network of partners.

General Manager SPUR Peter Markham said that the first 365 days of SPUR have been exciting and very productive.

“We can’t wait to see what is in store over the next twelve months and look forward to working with our existing and new partners.” Mr Markham said.

If you’d like to know how SPUR can help you, contact us on (0)8 9273 0787, via email at or visit our website at

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Developing the future of Property Law

Edith Cowan University (ECU) student Joel Bond has won Landgate's Property Law prize at the ECU School of Business and Law student awards.

General Manager Operations Bruce Roberts presented Joel with a framed image from Landgate's historical maps collection.

The student prize evening is an annual tradition held to formally reward and recognise the faculty's outstanding students, with prizes donated by more than 40 donors and organisations in industries relevant to students' study areas.

The objective is to encourage the highest academic standards in the study and application of the law in Western Australia.

Joel said he considered himself very fortunate to be the winner of the 2016 Landgate Property Law prize.

"Achieving a high grade in any subject always brings with it a great deal of satisfaction, but when this is coupled with receiving a prize from a sponsor it certainly adds another layer of satisfaction and encouragement," he said.  

"This is particularly the case with this prize as the obvious connection between property law and Landgate serves as a reminder that what I have learnt will benefit me in the real world and not just university.  

"The prize itself is beautiful and has taken pride of place in our home, hanging above our dining room table.

"I sincerely appreciate the sponsorship provided by Landgate and am fortunate to be the 2016 recipient," he said.

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