SLIPStream December 2017

SLIP Future is ready now - migrate before 31 January 2018!

For GIS users, developers and data professionals: this is a reminder that the new SLIP platform data services are already serving many organisations. Thank you to those who have already made the switch. For those yet to migrate, please note that the new services contain all the data that has been previously accessible through SLIP Classic.

Customers using SLIP Classic or WMTS services will need to change to using new SLIP data services prior to 31 January 2018, as this is when SLIP Classic data services will be turned off.

Public data service details are in the Groups section of, including OGC WMS/WFS, Esri REST services and data download packages.

There is more information about the full list of subscription Landgate data services and maps available through SLIP on the Landgate website.

Users can check layer and data service details in the catalogue. For example:

For most customers the change will involve simply changing URLs in your GIS software. We've made it easier to find any help users need via the SLIP migration page and in the new DataWA Toolkit – there are how-to guides and videos on loading data services.

For customers with more complex needs the SLIP team can provide support, please email or phone +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

For Esri users: Esri token security services will be released over the coming months. If you would like to start connecting to these services now, please contact

For all other users: Locate and LandInfo WA have recently been updated and you are already on the new platform using the new data services. Congratulations!

To find out more about service migration to the new SLIP platform, please visit to download the latest information sheet (PDF 514KB). The document is also available via the DataWA Toolkit.

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New SLIP services

LandInfo WA

The SLIP Services launched a new version of LandInfo WA on 7 November 2017.

Designed exclusively for local government and the land development industry, this package delivers an easy to use SLIP solution combining data layers from Landgate subscription (subject to access) and public themed services including:

Also included is a proposed roads query function in the advanced search tool. For further information about the layers that make up these themes, please visit the LandInfo WA showcase on

For GIS users, developers and data professionals: please refer to these themed data services. There are service details in the Groups section of including OGC WMS/ WFS, Esri REST services and data download packages.

The URL to view the map remains But you should clear your browser cache to ensure that you are seeing the latest version of the map.

These data services were retired on 5 December 2017:

Locate V4

Landgate has released a new version of Locate with a search feature added that allows users to search Geonoma (Geographic Names) data. Instead of searching for geographic features using an address, it allows a search based on names such as towns, parks, beaches and community buildings. It is useful for users who have only the name of a place and not the address.

To use the Geonoma search feature, choose the Advanced Search function at the top right-hand side, then Geographic names (GEONOMA) (LGATE-013) at the bottom of the list. Type in the name of a place and then select Apply.

This screenshot is of Fremantle with the Geographic (Geonoma) layer switched on showing a range of geographical features.

Screenshot of Fremantle with Geonoma layer switched on

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The SLIP services team are making changes to how we inform you about service interruptions to and core SLIP services.

Service status updates will be posted to our new status page:

Screenshot of homepage

From December 2017 the SLIP Google group will be decommissioned and you won’t receive email notices from  We will do our best to keep service interruptions to a minimum.

Whenever possible, we have scheduled maintenance outside business hours to minimise the impact of any outages. If there are any unforeseeable outages, we will do everything we can to get things up and running as soon as possible.

We have developed a new page with real-time updates and historical data on system performance. If there are service interruptions, that’s where we will post a note.

Screenshot of service uptime and downtime statistics

You can subscribe to receive notifications via email, SMS or web feeds when we post new SLIP updates.

If things aren’t running as expected, please check first for all the relevant information.

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SLIP Future program plan end date

With the release of the new data services and the decommissioning of SLIP Classic by 31 January 2018, the SLIP Future program will be complete.

The remaining activities for the program are:

SLIP roadmap for December 2017

Landgate can assist you to move to the new services, see DataWA’s SLIP migration overview.

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GDA2020 | Survey on new datum

Following on from the announcement on GDA2020 in the last edition of SLIPStream, the National GDA Modernisation Implementation Working Group (GMIWG) has released a survey on GDA2020 and would greatly appreciate your input.

ICSM surveyed on this topic in mid-2016 and would like to assess the current level of knowledge and understanding of GDA2020 to assist with implementing the new national datum.  It should take no longer than 10 minutes and is open until 13 December 2017. Your feedback will be provided to the national working group as a consolidated response.

Take the survey.

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Signing up to SLIP services

Please remember you don’t need to register to access SLIP’s range of free and public services.

Here is a YouTube guide with some tips on how to find the right dataset among the wealth of data available from all levels of government in Australia.

SLIP public data services have been streamlined and are available in Locate V4. The Locate map bundles the services into one convenient place.  There is a wider range of information through our subscription services at

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Notice| Modified SLIP service

Landgate is amending the SLIP public infrastructure and utilities service on Wednesday 13 December 2017.

From 2.00pm to 7.00pm, the service will be unavailable in Locate and LandInfo WA maps, but data services will still be available.

On 14 December 2017, these layers will be available in the SLIP public infrastructure and utilities service:

On 14 December 2017, we will remove from SLIP public infrastructure and utilities service:

  • Drainage Pipe - Open Channel (WCORP-003)
  • Drainage Compensation Basin (WCORP-004)
  • Sewer Access Chamber (WCORP-005)
  • Water Tank Reservoir, Dam (WCORP-007)

Adding these layers will change the REST service layer IDs. Please update your references to:

  • Water Meter (WCORP-006) (0)
  • Sewer Manhole (WCORP-026) (1)
  • Security Cameras (COP-003) (2)
  • Wireless Access Points (COP-007) (3)
  • Vehicle Parking Sensors (COP-008) (4)
  • Drainage Pipes (COP-001) (5)
  • Water Hydrant (WCORP-070) (6)
  • Water Standpipe (WCORP-071) (7)
  • Water Treatment Plant (WCORP-072) (8)
  • Water Bore (WCORP-073) (9)
  • Water Pump Station (WCORP-077) (10)
  • Drainage Observation Bore (WCORP-081) (11)
  • Drain Pump Station (WCORP-082) (12)
  • Coastal Infrastructure Point (DOT-018) (13)
  • Coastal Infrastructure Line (DOT-019) (14)
  • Fibre Optic Infrastructure (COP-011) (15)
  • Communications Conduits (COP-005) (16)
  • Sewer Pipe - Connection (Line) (WCORP-001) (17)
  • Sewer Gravity Pipe (WCORP-068) (18)
  • Sewer Pressure Main (WCORP-069) (19)
  • Sewer Pipe Connection (WCORP-084) (20)
  • Water Pipe (WCORP-002) (21)
  • Water Pipe – 3rd Pipe (WCORP-067) (22)
    • Non Urban (23)
    • Urban (24)
  • Harvey Water Pipelines (HARWA-001) (25)
  • Drainage Rising Main (WCORP-074) (26)
  • Drainage Gravity Pipe (WCORP-080) (27)
  • Drain Open Channel (WCORP-083) (28)
  • Drainage Pits (COP-002) (29)
  • Harvey Water Irrigation Districts (HARWA-002) (30)
  • Communications Pits (COP-006) (31)
  • Drainage Compensating Basin (WCORP-079) (32)
  • Water Dam (WCORP-075) (33)
  • Water Tank (WCORP-076) (34)
  • Water Reservoir (WCORP-078) (35)
  • Parking Bays (COP-004) (36)
  • Odour Buffers Waste Water Treatment Plant WCORP (WCORP-019) (37)
  • Chemical Storage Buffers (WCORP-061) (38)
  • Electrical Interference Buffers (WCORP-062) (39)
  • Noise Buffers (WCORP-063) (40)
  • Odour Buffers WWPS (WCORP-064) (41)
  • Wellhead Protection Buffers (WCORP-065) (42)
  • DFES Stations (DFES-023) (43)
  • Coastal Infrastructure DOT (DOT-020) (44)

Removal of Water Corporation (WC) public services

On 20 December 2017, we will remove these Water Corporation (WC) public from SLIP public infrastructure and utilities service:

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Event calendar

All SLIP-related events, including maintenance and outages, are listed in the SLIP event calendar.

Here are some upcoming GIS and spatial data events that may interest you:

If you have any questions about these events or have an event to promote, please email the details to

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DataWA updates and new datasets

Fresh look for website

The homepage of has been given a refresh, making it clearer to use.  You can get started with data and the data toolkit simply by navigating to the most relevant area:

Screenshot of homepage

You can browse data by topics:

Screenshot of topics within

View the latest datasets and data statistics:

Screenshot of statistics

SLIP users can jump straight to the dedicated resource page that outlines all you need to understand about the changes and upgrades to SLIP: SLIP page

We appreciate your feedback. If you experience any problems with the new site, or have any comments on the new design (good, bad or otherwise), please get in touch with us on Twitter at @datagovwa or by email at

New DataWA toolkit additions

The Open Data team has uploaded new content to the DataWA toolkit:

Coming soon is information on publishing a new geospatial dataset, which charts the steps to create a new DataWA record through from upload to review, release and maintenance.

New datasets

A big thank you to the agencies who made new datasets available through

Aboriginal Affairs Coordinating Committee

Safety and Wellbeing Assessments undertaken where concerns for children were investigated by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support during 2015-16 and 2016-17

Children in the CEOs care on 30 June 2008 - 2017

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Regional Development Commission Boundaries (DPIRD-020)

Avocado Residue

Dairy Effluent

Feedlot Waste Data

Broiler litter production

Citrus Fruit Residue

Hand Harvested Vegetables Residue Estimates

Mechanically Harvested Vegetable Residue

Stone Fruit Residue

Pome Fruit Residue

Estimated Olive Residue

If you have any queries regarding any of the data news, please get in touch at

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