Annual reports

Landgate's 2018/19 annual report

This annual report provides an overview of Landgate's people, products and services, together with a summary of our performance and achievements over 2018/19. The report also contains discussion and analysis of significant issues and trends as well as financial statements and key performance indicators. In line with State Government requirements, Landgate's annual report is published in electronic format, replacing previous printed publications. Landgate encourages you to use recycled paper if you print a copy of this report.
View our interactive Annual Report 2018/19.

Current annual reportSizeFormat
Annual report 2018/197.4MBPDF
Annual report 2018/19 - Overview, Significant Achievements, Agency Performance, Significant Issues Impacting the Agency4.5MBPDF
Annual report 2018/19 - Disclosures and Legal Compliance3.2MBPDF

Previous annual reports

Previous years' annual reportsSizeFormat
Annual report 2017/18 HTML/PDF
Annual report 2016/17 HTML/PDF
Annual report 2015/16 HTML/PDF
Annual report 2014/15 HTML/PDF
Annual report 2013/144.08MBPDF
Annual report 2012/135.22MBPDF
Annual report 2011/123.89MBPDF
Annual report 2010/114.05MBPDF
Annual report 2009/104.05MBPDF

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