Publications & awards

Landgate's publications aim to inform business, industry and the community about a range of issues and topics. They include Landgate's Business Activity Profile (BAP), our annual reports and Customer Information Bulletins (CIB) issued by the Registrar of Titles, as well as bulletins and updates from the Valuer-General.


We are proud of our people’s achievements and innovative way of thinking. The awards endorse our reputation as an employer of choice and a leading public authority in the use of location information.

Annual reports

Landgate’s annual report provides our customers, the community and stakeholders with an overview of our performance, operational highlights, as well as the past year's opportunities and challenges.

Business activity profiles

Business Activity Profiles (BAP) are released monthly and give businesses, property professionals and the community an indicator on the state of the Western Australian property market.

Bulletins & guides

Find policy and procedure guides, Customer Information Bulletins (CIBs) for property professionals and the general community, valuation bulletins and notices to surveyors.


Landgate publishes e-newsletters to ensure our customers, the community and stakeholders are kept up-to-date with significant issues, trends and new product releases.

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