Making a public interest disclosure

A Public Interest Disclosure (PID) is a report of wrongdoing made under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act).

Landgate is committed to the aims and objectives of the PID Act and recognises the value and importance of reporting as a means to identify and address wrongdoing.

A disclosure must relate to a matter of public interest information and show or tend to show wrongdoing by a public authority, public officer or public sector contractor performing a public function.

A PID can be made by anyone who believes on reasonable grounds that their information is or may be true. It is an offence under the PID Act to deliberately make a false or misleading disclosure.

Landgate will take all reasonable steps to protect employees and members of the public from any detrimental action or the threat of detrimental action in reprisal for the making of a PID.

How to make a Public Interest Disclosure

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about making a PID to seek advice from our PID Officers before they do. A disclosure must be made to a proper authority for it to be covered by the PID Act. The contact details of the PID Officers are as follows:

Alison Fleming
+61(08) 9273 7022

PID forms can be lodged anonymously as allowed under the guidelines. Forms are to be clearly marked and posted to:

The Public Interest Disclosure Officer
PO Box 2222
Midland WA 6936

Landgate’s PID Guidelines provide further details on making a PID and the forms used as part of the PID process. The relevant PID forms are available below:

This page was last updated on: 17 Jan 2023