Current turnaround times

The Turnaround Times (TAT) is the time (business days) taken for a document to be examined after it has been lodged. These timings include both electronic and paper lodged documents. This is updated daily.

If the document is lodged electronically and is all in order (AIO), it may be automatically registered on the same day. If the document is incomplete or incorrect, a requisition notice for further information will be sent to the lodging party which may extend the time taken for registration beyond the average TAT listed below.

If you have a document that is time sensitive, it may be able to be completed sooner than the average turnaround time. Please refer to our expedition process.

Dealings Document typeAverage Turnaround (days)PEXA/Sympli (days)
Discharge of Mortgage (D)5Auto registered same day if AIO
Transfer of Land (T)6Auto registered same day if AIO
Mortgage (M)5Auto registered same day if AIO
Caveat (C)5Auto registered same day if AIO
Withdrawal of Caveat (WC)6Auto registered same day if AIO
Application by Survivor (ND)39TBA
Transmission Application (TA)39TBA
Power of Attorney (PA)39TBA
Application for Lost Duplicate Title (Section 75) (AL)5TBA
Other Freehold Dealings48-63TBA
New Titles and Plans 1 Document typeAverage Turnaround (days)PEXA/Sympli (days)
Freehold New Title dealings (including Strata Titles) 28NA
High Priority Plans (including Strata Plans) in Freehold Plan Examination (based on lodged DP and Strata Plans)4NA
Medium Priority Plans (including Strata Plans) in Freehold Plan Examination4NA
Low Priority Plans (including Strata Plans) in Freehold Plan Examination10NA

[1] If you have a document that is waiting on permissions and clearances from other agencies this will affect the turn around time.

[2] This time frame is for new titles issued using the standard process and not utilising the ‘readiness to proceed' option.

You may wish to track the progress of your case through Land Enquiry Services. This is a free service available through the Landgate website; if you are not already an account user you will need to register by providing your name and email address to access the Dealing Status Search function.

Alternatively you may wish to subscribe to Notify Me to receive automated email notifications that provide status and location change updates for nominated dealings and plans.

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Please contact our team during business hours for further support, or for assistance with preparing a document please access Landgate’s guide to Changing Title Details.

This page was last updated on: 27 Nov 2020