Browser compatibility

Landgate remains on track: Changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards                              

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has announced that the deadline for web browser compliance has been extended to 30 June 2018. A statement is available on the Council’s website.

Landgate values the security and reliability of the data it stores when customers visit our website and/or MyLandgate portal.

For this reason we are committed to meeting our compliance deadlines which commence from mid-July 2016.

There will be some changes to Landgate's Security Protocols from the end of February. These are not expected to affect our customers.

Customers whose web browsers are not the current versions will see an automated ‘alert’ message when they visit Landgate’s website and/or MyLandgate portal.


Landgate has conducted online payment transactions for several years via its website Online Store and MyLandgate portal, and is accredited under the PCI Data Security Standard Requirements.

PCI has identified the need to update its Data Security Standard Requirements and modernise encryption codes for Internet Technology (IT) security systems. This means older encryption codes need to be replaced to ensure the security of transactions that occur online.

As a result of this compliance, Landgate will be upgrading its online systems with more modern encryption codes. This is to ensure we are able to conduct secure online financial transactions across many of our online systems.

Next steps

To ensure that you do not receive the automated ‘alert’ message, please check that your web browser is the latest version to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard Requirements, while still compatible with Landgate’s products and services.

To find out if your web browser is the latest version, please go to the following links where you can upgrade your software if required:

For some customers (such as those in corporate or controlled IT environments) this will not be possible, so please contact your corporate IT helpdesk for assistance.                                                                                 

For further information, please contact Landgate’s Customer Service Contact Centre on +61 (0)8 9273 7373 or email


What is a browser?

A browser is the application on your computer that you use to view websites on the internet.

How do I know what browser I am using?

There are several varieties of browser. The most common are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The name of the browser will usually be on the icon or menu option you use to open the application.

Why do I have to upgrade my browser?

You need to upgrade to a standard that has been approved as being safe. We want to ensure that your information is secure and the certification that we have requires you to use the most up to date version of your browser.

Is this browser upgrade only required for Landgate’s website or for all websites that deal with financial transactions? 

All organisations that deal with online financial transactions via their website in any way are required to upgrade to this level of security to maintain their certification. 

Will your website work if I do not upgrade my browser?

No. You will be unable to access the Landgate website at all. This applies for all websites with this level of certification.

Who can assist me to upgrade my browser?

We have provided a link to the most common browser applications, but if you need any further assistance you can contact your local computer support company or the supplier of the browser application you are using.

Will upgrading my browser affect other non-Landgate websites or programs I use?

Upgrading your browser to the latest version should make it safe. There may be some older websites that have not upgraded and are not compatible however this is highly unlikely as the vendors test all the common sites.

I have upgraded my browser and it is still saying I have an old version?

You should direct this question to the supplier of your browser application you are using or your local computer support company.

What version is the most compatible with Landgate and the new PCI compliance security?

Please refer to the Landgate’s System compatibility matrix for further information.

This page was last updated on: 06 Sep 2019