Location services

Landgate supports Western Australians to locate their place in the world by connecting people and places through trusted data and services.

Location information shows us where we are, where things happen and how things might take place in the future. It is central to understanding the world around us and is a vital enabler of our society and economy.

Landgate captures, maintains and delivers accurate location information and services for Western Australia.

Location services include:

  • Mapping boundaries for all land in WA to maintain the State’s primary location information asset, the spatial cadastral database.
  • Satellite and aerial imagery to help manage land and map hotspots and floods.
  • Naming and addressing our streets, localities and geographical features. This includes promoting the recognition and official use of Aboriginal place names.
  • Topographic information to support the mapping of statewide natural and man-made features.
  • Delivery of location data, mapping products and services to customers across government, industry and the community.
  • Delivering a reliable geodetic framework that provides the surveying and spatial industries with the positioning solutions they need anywhere in WA.
  • Delivering DataWA, the portal to the State Government’s open data catalogue and Landgate’s shared location information platform (SLIP).
  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through our spatial expertise and grants program.

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