Bulletin No. 392 | 22 November 2022

CIB 392: Upcoming abolition of Duplicate Certificates of Title

22 November 2022

As advised in CIB 385 earlier this year, the removal of Duplicate Certificates of Title (Duplicate Titles) from WA’s land titling system will be one of the changes made by the Transfer of Land Amendment Act 2022.

Removing paper Duplicate Titles from the titling system offers great benefits including increased safety and streamlined processes which simplify all conveyancing without detracting from the integrity of the Land Register.

This legislative change will occur in August 2023 and will mark an important milestone in the state’s electronic conveyancing journey. The specific date in August that the change will take effect on will be communicated closer to the date.

Once the change is implemented, no Duplicate Titles will be created or issued, and they will not be required or able to be used to have a dealing registered. From this time, Duplicate Titles can be kept as a historical keepsake and do not need to be returned to Landgate, destroyed or rendered invalid.

More information about the amendments to the Transfer of Land Act 1893 is available on Landgate’s website. Additional resources will be added to the website closer to August 2023.

Current registration requirements continue to apply for all documents lodged until the changes take effect. Updates on the new arrangements will be communicated well before August 2023.

If you have any further questions, please see these FAQs or email TLA.Amendments@landgate.wa.gov.au.

Kind regards,

Bruce Roberts
Registrar of Titles

This page was last updated on: 22 Nov 2022