Bulletin No. 388 | 14 September 2022

CIB 388: Updated Lodgement Acceptability Checklist in relation to Family Court orders

14 September 2022

The Lodgement Acceptability Checklist has recently been updated to reflect amendments to section 113 of the Duties Act 2008.

These amendments have resulted in changes to the information shown on certificates of duty that accompany transfers pursuant to Family Court orders.

Where the transaction date in the certificate of duty issued by RevenueWA matches either:

  • the date of the transfer
  • or the date of the orders in the consideration panel

a copy of the orders is not required.

For document lodgement purposes, copy means a sealed copy or a Landgate sighted copy, unless a digital order has been made, in which case a printout is sufficient.

Policy and Procedure guide TFR-02 Transfers - Document Preparation has also been updated to reflect this change. More information on the Duties Act 2008 and how it impacts Marriage and De facto transfers can be found at WA.gov.au .

For any queries about this change in relation to lodgements, please email Dealings@Landgate.wa.gov.au

Bruce Roberts

Registrar of Titles

This page was last updated on: 14 Sep 2022