Bulletin No. 361 |22 June 2021

CIB 361: Electronic Mortgages in Western Australia Issues Paper

22 June 2021

Landgate introduced the ability to lodge mortgages electronically in June 2014 and is on a continuing journey with electronic conveyancing with industry. Whilst mortgages can be lodged electronically the preparation of them still requires this to be done on paper, wet signed by the parties and witnessed.

Landgate supports making changes to enable mortgages lodged under the National Lodgement Network to be created, signed and witnessed electronically consistent with other states and territories of Australia. This change will require legislative amendment in Western Australia.

The Issues Paper addresses citizens in Western Australia needing to have the legal ability to create deeds either in paper or in electronic form.  Electronic or smart contracts relating to land would fall under the proposed legislative change.  These proposals are positioning commerce in Western Australia to be conducted in an electronic means.

Read the Issues Paper now and provide your feedback.

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Bruce Roberts                                  
Registrar of Titles


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