Bulletin No. 347 | 09 November 2020

CIB 347: Changes to self-lodgement process

9 November 2020

In March of this year Landgate introduced self-lodgement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its implementation, Landgate has continued to work with industry to improve the process.

From Monday 16 November 2020, to further assist correct document preparation before lodgement, Landgate will re-introduce the lodgement acceptability check (LAC) through a new email certification service (digital LAC) and limited counter services. The LAC will support the education of industry to identify simple errors prior to lodgement.

All documents will remain subject to lodgement, examination and requisition processes. Relevant fees and charges, including those for incorrect or incomplete documents, will continue to apply.


Lodgement of the following paper document types will require a LAC assessment to be eligible for self-lodgement. You can complete a digital LAC (see below) or a limited counter service LAC (see below).

  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • Mortgage
  • Withdrawal of Caveat
  • Caveat
  • Transfer of Land
  • Power of Attorney
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Application by Survivor
  • Application by Personal Representative
  • Application for Lost Duplicate Title

Cases containing any document not listed above may continue to be lodged via the standard self-lodgement process or the limited counter service outlined on the self-lodgement webpage.

Digital LAC

Customers must complete the updated self-lodgement form (before attending Landgate) detailing documents, evidence, and fees, and email copies of all fully executed documents and evidence to LAC@landgate.wa.gov.au. The LAC email address will be monitored between 8:30am and 2pm each business day. Please allow adequate time for responses if aiming for same day lodgement. Landgate encourages you to read the full details on the self-lodgement webpage, including turnaround times and a sample LAC certificate.

Limited counter service

Alternatively, from Monday 16 November, Landgate will provide limited in-person processing. Both the Midland and Perth offices will be kept at minimal capacity to observe physical distancing requirements.

Further details, including capacity, opening hours and other restrictions, are outlined on the self-lodgement webpage.

Customers are encouraged to complete self-lodgement where possible and should plan office visits around peak times (1pm – 4:30pm) to avoid delays.

More information

All customer service channels remain open to assist customers with document preparation.

Further publications to support correct document preparation are available in the Land Transactions toolkit.

Customers seeking acceptance from an Assistant Registrar should continue to use the dealings@landgate.wa.gov.au email address.

Please contact Landgate’s Customer Service team with any questions, or to provide us with feedback.

Juanita Prestianni
Director Customer Service


This page was last updated on: 09 Nov 2020