Bulletin No. 342 | 3 September 2020

CIB 342: Plan examination priority and readiness to proceed requirements

3 September 2020

Landgate has made changes to our plan examination priority and lot synchronisation (lot sync) processes. This is designed to support industry requests for shorter lot creation timeframes. The changes ensure the processing of subdivisional survey plans and title dealings which are required to bring this land into the Land Titles Register of Western Australia occur effectively and efficiently.

The updated policy and procedure guides referenced in this bulletin replace all previous customer information bulletins (CIBs) and notices to surveyors relevant to plan examination priority and the former lot sync process.

The following changes and clarification are in effect from today.

Plan examination priority

CIB 314 introduced a trial plan examination priority process. Since implementation, examination of all plans has been in accordance with this high/medium/low priority process.

After careful review, the trial process will be implemented permanently. For industry, this process provides a significantly quicker plan examination process for property developments that can demonstrate readiness to proceed to new titles.

Please see Policy and Procedure Guide SPP-18 for plan examination priority requirements.

Readiness to proceed (formerly Lot Sync)

The lot sync procedure is being replaced with a readiness to proceed process. Previous practice required lodgement of new title applications (and relevant documents) within 10 working days of plan lodgement before a high priority plan examination would apply. Under readiness to proceed, Landgate will accept documents before lodgement of the plan. Additionally, there is no restriction to when documents can be lodged after plan lodgement.

Note: changes to the plan may require changes to the new titles application, resulting in document requisition. Please take this into consideration if choosing to lodge documents prior to the plan.

See Policy and Procedure Guide SPP-17 for readiness to proceed requirements.

In addition to the above procedures, Landgate has made daily examination turn-around times available on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact Landgate customer service (08) 9273 7373, select option 5 and ask for plan registration support, or send an email to planreg@landgate.wa.gov.au.

Murray Dolling
Principal Consultant (Surveying)
Inspector of Plans and Surveys
Assistant Registrar of Titles


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