Bulletin No. 332 | 23 March 2020

CIB 332: Self-lodgement trial

23 March 2020

Landgate has been closely monitoring developments and advice about the COVID-19 virus.

To prepare for any situation, Landgate will be trialling self-lodgement. This trial will occur for four working days, commencing Tuesday 24 March – Friday 27 March 2020. The trial is an essential process to determine business readiness for continued services should the current situation evolve. This trial lodgement process does not effect bulk lodgements.

Landgate’s Midland and Perth counters will remain open, but in a limited capacity, with lodgement of all paper documents to be via self-lodgement. This means the Landgate team will not accept any customer-facing lodgement – you will self-lodge as per the amended lodgement process. Phone support will be available, and you can access web chat from your own device.

In Midland, the counters will still be staffed for other non-lodgement Landgate services. Please note both Midland and Perth will only accept lodgements via the self-lodgement process, counters will not be lodging documents for customers.

Your support for this trial is essential and appreciated. To prepare for the trial, please familiarise yourself with the amended lodgement process and Landgate’s fees and charges.

What will stay the same?

  • All documents will remain subject to lodgement, examination and requisition processes.
  • All lodgements will be subject to relevant fees and charges including those for incorrect or incomplete documents.
  • Bulk lodgements will be uneffected by this trial.
  • Landgate Midland counters will be operational for non-lodgement tasks.

What does this mean for document lodgements?

  • A self-lodgement form must be completed for each case.
  • There will be a timestamp machine, A4 envelopes and a locked box available in the customer service area to facilitate self-lodgement.
  • Landgate documents must be timestamped individually in the order lodgement is to occur using the timestamp machine at the Landgate office.
  • Every hour, from 9am, the Landgate Perth office will be closed for up to ten minutes to allow staff to empty the lodgement box.
  • Fees will be accepted via cheque or credit card, no cash payments will be accepted.
  • The settlement room will be closed and used as an additional waiting room to encourage social distancing. If lodgers are unable to create an acceptable distance from each other, they will be required to wait outside the Landgate office.

This is only an overview, please read the full amended lodgements process.

What do you need to do?

  • Review the amended lodgement process and Landgate fees and charges.
  • Come prepared with a cheque or credit card for payment purposes.
  • For those customers who do not have a lodgement box, bring a stamped self-addressed return envelope so a receipt can be sent to you as quickly as possible.
  • There will be clear instructions as you enter the office on how to proceed, please follow these instructions. If you require assistance, a phone will be available to contact us.
  • The dropping of documents at Midland will be done so via the tender box located at the staffed information desk.
  • The dropping of documents at Perth will be done so via two secured metal boxes located on the inside of the automatic doors behind the express counter. Please follow the clearly marked waiting points and the line of customer traffic.
  • Ask us questions! We appreciate this is a change and we want to make this trial as successful as possible. If you have any questions regarding the trial, please contact us via our contact centre (08) 9273 7373.

Thank you in advance for your support of this important trial. We would greatly appreciate your feedback at the closure of this trial as it will ensure Landgate is best prepared to meet customer needs should we need to implement this change for an extended period of time.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Villani

Registrar of Titles


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