Bulletin No. 318 | 3 December 2018

CIB 318: Electronic lodgement of eligible land registry documents now in effect

3 December 2018

On 1 December 2018, electronic lodgement of eligible land registry documents came into effect in Western Australia.

The following classes of registry documents are now required to be lodged electronically:

  • all eligible, stand-alone transfers, caveats and withdrawal of caveats, and
  • any lodgement case consisting of eligible discharges, transfers, mortgages, caveats and withdrawal of caveats.

Paper lodgement will not be accepted for the above scenarios unless the document(s) is unable to be lodged using an Electronic Lodgement Network. In these instances a completed  Request to accept paper lodgement form available on the Landgate website is required to be attached, clearly outlining reasons for paper lodgement.

Paper lodgement of eligible documents without a cover sheet will not be accepted.

Yours sincerely

Jean Villani

Registrar of Titles



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