Bulletin No. 314 | 25 September 2018

CIB 314: Trial of revised plan examination priority

25 September 2018

Dear Customer

Following consultation with key stakeholders in the land development industry, Landgate has developed a concept for plan examination priority which it wishes to trial over the next few months.

The plan examination priority concept involves objective criteria and applies the primary principle of “readiness to proceed to new titles”.  The plan is then placed in the relevant priority queue for examination accordingly.


1a. ‘lot sync’ plans (of any plan type)

  • any plan is prioritised to queue 1 on lodgement of the application for new title documents
  • plans are deemed ‘lot sync plans’ on application lodgement, not by surveyor nomination (see below)
  • application documents can be lodged at any time after the plan has been lodged, and the plan does not have to be IOFD
  • the document lodging party must also submit a signed letter requesting that the lodgement date of the documents be amended to the same date that the plan was placed In Order For Dealings.

1b. portal plans (of any type)

  • eligible portal plans that fail a business rule are prioritised to support system development
  • manual examination involves only those plan elements that failed a system business rule

1c. conversion to survey strata


2a. built strata (including re-subdivision) plans

  • surveyor can decide to lodge plan on completion of building, with option to lodge a replacement plan if a minor unforeseen change occurs (e.g. car bays, bin area)
  • as per CIB 287 (15/07/2016) Landgate will allow delayed lodgement of strata plan forms

2b. special survey area plans


3. any other plan not requiring planning approval, or for which consent to release the plan has been received by Landgate

  • includes Crown, freehold and survey-strata plans


4. any other plan without release consent

  • includes Crown, freehold and survey-strata plans

Surveyors are invited to use the ‘Lot sync’ tick box on the ‘Lodge Plan Information’ screen of the NLR-Plan Surveyor Portal to indicate that they are intending for the application for new title documents to be lodged within the next few days.  This allows such plans to be readily recognised in Landgate and for relevant data to be collected and analysed as required.

The trial will commence on Monday 22 October 2018, with a review to be conducted towards the end of January 2019.

Feedback about the trial plan examination priority procedures is welcome throughout the trial period with a view to identifying and resolving any issues and finalising an agreed workable solution as early as practicable.

Please contact 9273 7373, select option 5 and ask for Plan Registration support, or send an email to planreg@landgate.wa.gov.au if you have any queries about this CIB.

Your sincerely

Jean Villani

Registrar of Titles



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