Bulletin No. 278 | 27 April 2016

Certification of evidence by Australia Post

Customers who need to lodge evidence at Landgate are now able to have copies of relevant documents certified at selected Australia Post offices.
This requires taking the original evidence document to an authorised Australia Post outlet so that a copy of it can be certified. Every page of the evidence document must be certified.

The types of evidence accepted by Landgate have not changed.

Australia Post will:

  • ensure that the document is an authentic original
  • make a photocopy of the original (all pages)
  • certify that it is a true copy of the original document and has been sighted by Australia Post
  • return the original and the ’Australia Post certified copy‘ to the customer.

Australia Post will not send the certified copies to Landgate. It will be up to the customer to pass them onto their lawyer or settlement agent, or to submit the certified copies when lodging their title dealings at Landgate. These copies will not be returned.

Australia Post will charge the following fees:

  • first document $4.95
  • subsequent documents $2.95

Note that this service is not available at all Australia Post outlets. See the Australia Post website for details.

Landgate will continue our current practice to sight and return original evidence documents at the counter.

Jean Villani




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