Bulletin No. 272 | 12 November 2015

Additional pages in Transfer documents

The introduction of the improved Lodgement Acceptability Check (LAC) in September 2015 has identified a range of instances where the use of additional pages in Transfer documents is not in accordance with the practices set out in the Land Titles Registration Practice Manual (LTRPM).

This bulletin clarifies the registration requirements to ensure that documents are compliant with the standards set out in LTRPM chapter 1.5.10, especially for Transfer of Land T2 and T2A documents.

In brief, additional pages are only acceptable in cases where there is insufficient room on the approved form for the information required for that case.

Documents will not pass the LAC and a non-compliance report will be issued in all cases where it is obvious that the information on the additional page(s) fits within the usual panel.
For example, an additional page should not be inserted into a T2 transfer document where there is one company executing as a transferor and there is sufficient space in the transferor’s execution panel for execution by a company.

Where there are multiple transferors or transferees and there is insufficient space in the execution panel of the T2 document, page 2 should be used for execution purposes.
It is important to include a heading on page 2 to indicate transferors or transferees execution and also to refer to the execution page in the usual execution panel, for example ‘for additional execution refer to page 2’.

It is also important to number any additional pages such that the additional pages are numbered into the existing document. For example, where an additional page is added to a T2 transfer, the additional pages should be numbered as pages 3 and 4, with the last page of the standard document, which is pre-numbered as page 3, being re-numbered as page 5.

A recent example presented for consideration used two additional pages - one for large execution blocks, and one for a two-page restrictive covenant.

Whilst this was an acceptable document, an alternative approach would have been to use page 2 for the executions, and additional pages for the restrictive covenant.

A wide range of circumstances can occur, and documents that comply with the requirements and the principles described in LTRPM 1.5.10 will be accepted.

Stamps in documents

Industry is requested to be mindful that documents are now scanned in preparation for examining by image. Consequently, it is essential that the strength and colour of stamps within documents is sufficient for a clear scanned image to be produced. Dark colours are best - red and green should be avoided. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

Production slips

Landgate is introducing a new process for handling production slips for duplicate certificates of title. There is no change to the procedures that customers follow – please continue to fill out and attach production slips when producing duplicate certificates of title to enable the processing of title dealings.

Effective immediately, when a new edition of a duplicate certificate of title is generated, the Landgate copy of the production slip will not be attached to the duplicate certificate of title issued to the relevant customer.

For further information on any of the above topics, please contact Landgate’s Customer Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7373 or email (customerservice@landgate.wa.gov.au).

Jean Villani


Registrar of Titles

Contact: Customer Service

Phone: +61 (0)8 9273 7373


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