SLIP upgrade

SLIP has been upgraded

After ten years of operation, the original SLIP Classic (Enabler) platform has now been retired and the decommissioning process has commenced. SLIP’s full range of spatial data and imagery services can now only be accessed through the new Esri-based SLIP platform.

If you didn’t switch across from the SLIP Classic services prior to their retirement on 31 January 2018, you can find instructions on how to upgrade to the new SLIP services on There are guides on how to find and load data in your GIS software and information on registering accounts in the data toolkit section of the site. The links can be found at, SLIP migration and data toolkit.

If you have more complex needs and require assistance to move to the new SLIP services, please contact the Landgate Business Sales and Service team at

Landgate wishes to thank all SLIP users for their support and we hope you enjoy the new upgraded SLIP.

New SLIP services and maps

Part of Landgate’s business improvement program is to upgrade and streamline the services delivered through the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP). New SLIP services and maps will be launched between June and September 2017.

Landgate encourages all SLIP Classic (Enabler) users to move to the new Esri-based SLIP data services before it turns off SLIP Classic data services in late 2017. This change is driven by the need to upgrade the technology underpinning the platform.

To allow time to transition to these new services, Landgate will provide at least three months’ notice before decommissioning the SLIP Classic services.

If you are still using SLIP Classic: 

  • the SLIP website will redirect you to for datasets, services and maps
  • all services will have new URLs
  • public services will be provided in geospatial data themes
  • in addition to OGC WMS and WFS new service formats will be available including data downloads and Esri REST services
  • developers can access services via the ArcGIS REST API
  • the ArcGIS REST API supports responses in several formats including JSON.

If you are a SLIP subscriber, more information on Landgate’s subscription services will be available at

Data custodians can submit new datasets through the online self-service platform ‘SLIP Self-Service’.

LandInfo WA subscription package

Designed exclusively for local government and the land development industry, this package delivers an easy to use SLIP solution combining data layers from Landgate subscription and various agencies’ public services. View the package details in the showcase section. If the tenure service is included in your Landgate subscription licence you can also access and query tenure through the LandInfo WA map.

Landgate SLIP imagery services

New imagery services will replace SLIP Classic and the WMTS service. These new services comprise five separate subscription services including a free public service, Locate Mosaic. Services will be accessible as OCG WMS, Esri Map and Esri Image services and all contain cohesive imagery indexes. Updated service details will be provided under the groups section when available.

New streamlined services

Further subscription and public services will be made available, replacing SLIP Classic public and subscription services.

See the groups section for service details including OGC WMS/WFS, Esri Map, Esri Feature services and data download packages.

Some services such as 2011 ABS Census data and Western Power are already available under the groups section.

SLIP public and subscription services will be streamlined into two maps, one public and one subscription package. Each map will bundle the relevant services in one convenient place so you can spend less time discovering more.

Locate can still be found in the showcase section along with other SLIP maps such as geodetic online and the map of the bushfire-prone areas.

Migrate your account

To take advantage of SLIP’s new services, please move your account to the new platform:

  1. Register a new account.
  2. Activate your account when you receive the email prompt. Your username is now your registered email address.
  3. Access public data services and data downloads via
  4. For Landgate subscription services or other restricted services, email the Business Sales and Services team.

SLIP online help centre

A new online help centre will provide a toolkit for data providers, customers, developers, professionals and decision makers, as well as support, advice, and assistance to SLIP Classic users to migrate to the new services as they are rolled out.

SLIP enquiries

The Business Sales and Service team – part of Landgate’s Customer Service team – have been specifically trained to handle all your SLIP questions.

If you have questions, please contact the Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7683 or

This page was last updated on: 21 Jun 2019