MyLandgate Map Viewer

Landgate will be further enhancing Map Viewer Plus on 24th September 2019, providing the opportunity to switch off MyLandgate Map Viewer on 5th November 2019.

These enhancements include:

  • New layers for survey index and cadastre
  • Extra widgets for select and extract and measurements.

Map Viewer Plus already provides greater search options, as well as predictive search, that helps you find what you’re looking for in less time. The cleaner, simpler interface complies with higher accessibility standards.

You will still be able to use Map Viewer Plus to pan across and zoom in to view new and historical imagery as well as view layers of geographic data and land information, land and administrative boundaries, roads and contours. You can search for and purchase, title documents and property reports and aerial imagery for a property, street, suburb or an entire town.

Frequently asked questions

When is MyLandgate Map Viewer getting switched off?

The last day MyLandgate Map Viewer will be available is Monday 4th November.

Why are you switching off MyLandgate Map Viewer?

Landgate is modernising our critical systems and as MyLandgate Map Viewer is an aging application, we will be enhancing Map Viewer Plus which is a simpler and easier to use service.

What are the key features you are adding to Map Viewer Plus?

Enhancements to Map Viewer Plus include

  • New layers for cadastre and survey index please refer to the table below for more information
  • Transparency will be available on all operational layers, not sub layers or historical aerial photography

Operational Layer

Sub Layer


Attribute Table



Cadastral Points

A graphical depiction of parcel boundary points


Cadastral Derivation Points

A themed view of Cadastral point coordinate calculation method providing a visual presentation of likely coordinate accuracy

No (use cadastral points for attributes)

Cadastral Control Points

A graphical depiction of cadastral control points


Boundary Lines

Shows the boundaries of all land parcels in WA


Line Dimensions (in metres)

The dimensions of land parcel boundaries


Cadastral Derivation Lines

A themed view of Cadastral line distance derivation method providing a visual presentation of likely distance accuracy

No (use Boundary Lines for attributes)

Lot on Plan – Boundaries

Line and polygon data showing the boundaries of each lot


(use Lot on Plan)

Lot on Plan – Annotation

Description of the plan

House Numbers

The number of a house in relation to the route it’s on


Lot on Lodged Plan

Lots that exist on plans that are currently lodged in the Landgate land registry system but not yet dealt on

No (use Plan Extent for attributes)

Cadastral Polygons

A digital representation of land parcel boundaries


Cadastral Polygons – Annotation

Description of the polygons


Survey Index

Plan Extent

The extent of the plan identified


Plan Labels

A digital representation of labels on plans


Field Record Labels

A digital representation of labels associated with field records.


Scanned Survey Index Plans

A digital image of the index of the official record that includes the legal boundaries of land


  • Three new widgets please refer to the table below for more information

Widget Name

Widget Description


Enables you to interactively select features on the map and take actions on the selected features. This will include the ability to highlight multiple properties.

Attribute table

Displays a tabular view of selected operational layers’ attributes up to 1000 features. This function is also available to the existing geodetic layers.


Allows you to measure the area of a polygon and length of a line, and find the coordinates of a point

Are you offering training sessions in Map Viewer Plus?

No formal training will be offered however information on how to use Map Viewer Plus will be updated and available on the 24th September.

Will both the enhanced Map Viewer Plus and MyLandgate Map Viewer be available for a period of time?

Yes, both will be available for a period of 6 weeks to allow people to transition across to Map Viewer Plus. After this MyLandgate Map Viewer will be switched off.

Do I have to log into MyLandgate to access Map Viewer Plus?

No, you will not be required to log into MyLandgate to access Map Viewer Plus. You can access Map Viewer Plus directly from the Corporate Website.

This page was last updated on: 08 Mar 2020