MyLandgate Map Viewer

Landgate will be further enhancing Map Viewer Plus providing the opportunity to switch off MyLandgate Map Viewer in the last quarter of 2019.

Map Viewer Plus provides greater search options, as well as predictive search, that helps you find what you’re looking for in less time. The cleaner, simpler interface complies with higher accessibility standards.

You will still be able to use Map Viewer Plus to pan across and zoom in to view new and historical imagery as well as view layers of geographic data and land information and survey boundaries, road line and contours. You can search and purchase by location or street address, title documents and property reports and aerial imagery for a property, street, suburb or an entire town.

Further enhancements

  • New layers for survey index and cadastre
  • Extra widgets for select and extract and measurements.

Frequently asked questions

When is MyLandgate Map Viewer getting switched off?

MyLandgate Map Viewer will be switched off in the last quarter of 2019 once Map viewer Plus has been enhanced.

Why are you switching off MyLandgate Map Viewer?

Landgate is modernising our critical systems and as MyLandgate Map Viewer is an aging application, we will be enhancing Map Viewer Plus which is a simpler and easier to use service.

What are the key features you are adding to Map Viewer Plus?

Enhancements to Map Viewer Plus include

  • New layers for survey index (including access to the images of superseded survey index plans) and cadastre
  • Extra widgets for select and extract and measurements.

More information relating to the new layers will be available soon.

Are you offering training sessions in Map Viewer Plus?

No formal training will be offered however information will be available to assist you with using Map Viewer Plus.

Will both the enhanced Map Viewer Plus and MyLandgate Map Viewer be available for a period of time?

Initially they will be both be available for a limited time.

Do I have to log into MyLandgate to access Map Viewer Plus?

No, you will not be required to log into MyLandgate to access Map Viewer Plus. You can access Map Viewer Plus directly from the Corporate Website.

This page was last updated on: 21 Jun 2019