Geospatial products upgrade

As part of Landgate’s ongoing business improvement program, we are looking at operational efficiencies, modernising our systems, and reviewing our range of products and services.  In particular, Landgate’s geospatial product offering is being updated with a view to introducing contemporary formats whilst phasing out older formats that are no longer supported. Spatial data is now available in both GDA2020 and GDA94 datum

From 1 March 2018, there will be changes to both the file formats and the attributes of the following geospatial data file products:

  • cadastre
  • tenure
  • administrative boundaries
  • property street address
  • reserves report.

Refer to Product and file format changes table for an overview of the format changes. Refer to the Data dictionaries and sample extracts for the changes to the underlying attributes within the files.

Please note that at this time, these changes do not impact the land datasets that are available via the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Timing for Transactional customers

Transactional customers purchase once-off data sets using the Location Information Transaction Form.

From 1 March 2018, the request form will be updated to represent the new products and file formats available.  From that date, all transactional data requests will be filled using the new products and formats. Old products and formats will no longer be available for Transactional customers.

Please ensure you download the latest Location Information Transaction form from the Landgate website.

Timing for Subscription customers

Subscription customers have a licence agreement in place with Landgate to receive regular scheduled data updates.

Landgate is providing a transition period for subscription customers to prepare for the changes. From 1 March 2018 to 30 June 2018, a subscription order may be filled in either the old or new formats.

After 30 June 2018, old products and formats will no longer be available.

Product and file format changes

Landgate is making updates to geospatial product file formats as outlined in the following table.

Family: no change
Data type: 'line dist' and 'accuracy statement' will no longer be available as separate offerings. The data will be available under ‘line’
Formats: keep – shape file and DXF 
add – file geodatabase, GeoPackage 
remove – DGN, DWG, CSD
Data type: lot/loc no, address, register (CT), proprietor (owner) will be combined into one product to be called ownership tenure data
no change to strata/unit
Formats: add – comma separated values (csv) 
remove – norm file, ASCII, Access format,
Administrative boundaries 
Data type: no change
Formats: keep – shape file 
add – file geodatabase, GeoPackage, DXF
Property street address (PSA) 
Data type: no change
Formats: keep – shape file 
add – comma separated values (csv), file geodatabase, GeoPackage, DXF 
remove – ASCII
Reserve report 
Data type: add – option to include cancelled reserves (for Whole of State only)
Reserves: remove – ‘reserves vested in’ option
Formats: add – comma separated values (csv)
remove – digital text file, norm file
New products 
Data type: PSA/tenure link
Formats: cadastre/tenure/PSA integrated dataset

Data dictionaries and sample extracts

Data Dictionaries and sample extracts for the new products are available to download below.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for the sample data.

Data Dictionary Sample files for the shire of Waroona
Cadastre data dictionary Cadastre_Waroona_20180501.dxf
Tenure Data Dictionary


Administrative Areas Data DictionaryAdmin Areas Waroona 05122017 Shape Files
Admin Areas Waroona 05122017 GDB Files
Admin Areas Waroona 05122017.dxf
LGA WAROONA, SHIRE OF_All_Admin_Areas_05122017.gpkg
Property Street Address Data DictionaryPSA_LGA_Waroona_gdb_20180409.gdb
Reserves Data DictionaryReserves_LGA_Waroona_20180404
Integrated Cad Polygon & Owner Data DictionaryInt_CadTenPSA_Waroona_Combined_gdb_20180702.gdb

If you have questions, please contact the Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7683 or

This page was last updated on: 18 Dec 2019