Access to Landgate’s online applications

Landgate has upgraded the way we authenticate online identities, and manage authorisation and access to our applications

Benefits for customers

As a Landgate customer you will receive:

  • Increased security – your account protected by industry-leading technology.
  • One login for all Landgate online applications – only one set of login credentials to maintain.
  • Your email address as your username – a personalised login that is easier to remember than a string of numbers and letters.
  • Password self-service – reset your own password without having to contact Landgate.
  • Login self-service – new logins created online and activated by email, rather than waiting for Landgate to process your request.
  • Organisation self-service – administration of your own employees, including who is authorised to use your billing customer account.

Introducing the Landgate Login

The Landgate Login is a single set of login credentials which will give you access to all Landgate online applications.

To create your Landgate login, it is important that you use a personalised email address (eg, not a group or generic email address (eg It is a security feature of the Landgate Login that organisations that have been sharing a single login among multiple employees, will no longer be able to.

As each online application is upgraded, you will be able to use your new Landgate Login to access it. Landgate’s eforms (eg. National Mortgage Form) and plan lodgement in the New Land Registry (NLR-Plan) already use the Landgate Login. If you have registered to use these, then you already have a Landgate Login.

Organisation self-service functionality

Landgate has upgraded the way organisations manage who has access to the MyLandgate services associated with their customer accounts. The new self-service features enable organisations to add and remove MyLandgate access in real time.

New MyLandgate users create their own Landgate Logins, and then immediately submit an online request for access to Mylandgate. The access request goes directly to the organisation’s User Representative, who is able to grant/decline the request online.

User Representatives with current access to MyLandgate have access to the self-service menus required to manage organisational accounts. If your organisation does not have a User Representative with current MyLandgate access, please contact Landgate’s Customer Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7373.

For more details on managing MyLandgate access, refer to the MyLandgate Registration information.

MyLandgate help guides and support

To assist organisations with the Landgate Login and the new Mylandgate self-service functionality, Landgate has created support guides for both the User Representatives and the people they manage:

Next stages

Plans are in progress to upgrade other Landgate applications to the Landgate Login.  This includes the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP). Please login to SLIP as normal until otherwise advised.

This page was last updated on: 22 Apr 2020