Our changes and how they affect you

We are making changes to modernise our technology to continue to provide secure and reliable online services that will allow you to access the services and support you want, when you want them, in the way you want them.

Some of the major improvements we’re making include:

  • easier access to Landgate data and searching services with more flexible connections and payment methods
  • improved self-service, a single point of access for all Landgate services, and changes to MyLandgate
  • further improvements to our new Map Viewer
  • alternatives to paper-based forms with fewer, intuitive electronic forms.

All of these changes are being made to ensure we continue to deliver value to our customers and the WA community.

We understand that change is sometimes disruptive and we will make every endeavour to keep you informed and respond to your feedback. We consider your needs paramount. Landgate values the integrity of its data. To maintain this integrity, we need to constantly update and upgrade our systems.

You can find more information about our changes and how they affect you below and we welcome your feedback through our customer feedback form.

Map Viewer

Map Viewer, Landgate's online aerial imagery viewing tool, will be upgraded to serve wider range of browsers and be accessible to mobile devices.

National Mortgage Form

Landgate has been steadily moving towards electronic lodgement of land transfer documents, or e-conveyancing.

Access to Landgate’s online applications

Landgate is upgrading the way we authenticate online identities, and manage authorisation and access to our applications.

Electronic lodgement of land transfer documents

Landgate has been steadily moving towards electronic lodgement of land transfer documents, or e-conveyancing.

Statutory review of the Land Information Authority Act 2006

The Minister for Lands engaged an independent reviewer to conduct the statutory review of Landgate’s enabling legislation.

Geospatial products upgrade

Landgate are looking at operational efficiencies, modernising our systems, and reviewing our range of products and services, in particular, Landgate’s Geospatial product offering.

SLIP upgrade

Part of Landgate’s business improvement program is to upgrade and streamline the services delivered through the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Strata Reform

The WA State Government has given Landgate responsibility for delivering strata reforms to Western Australia

From July 1 2017, new Commonwealth Government reporting requirements were introduced that affect all real estate property transfers in Western Australia

This page was last updated on: 13 Dec 2017