Application for discount

Under the Land Information Authority Act 2006, Landgate is able approve the provision of goods and services at a reduced charge, to a person who meets all of the following criteria:

  • Has functions of a public nature; and
  • Where the use is for education, research, community or regional benefit; and
  • Agrees to comply with any conditions of use imposed.

Where specifying use for education, research, community or regional benefit, Landgate will not typically approve a reduction unless a customer’s function and intended use is linked to a Western Australian State Government policy, priority or initiative, or has significant benefit to the State of Western Australia.

There are a number of common requests received that do not automatically qualify for a price reduction, such as:

  • Requests from organisations  that undertake not for profit activities (e.g. sporting bodies, social clubs and special interests groups), but are not endorsed as operating under a Western Australian State Government program or initiative.
  • Requests from non W.A. based Government Agencies, including Agencies and elected members of the Commonwealth Government;
  • Requests from Non W.A. based universities.

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This page was last updated on: 24 May 2020