Survey documents

Survey information is important for property owners, land developers and land use planning.  An extensive range of current and historical survey documents is available in a variety of formats. Although some documents are available to the general public, the majority are accessible only to authorised users.

Crown surveys

Crown plans (original plans and diagrams) include district, townsite and other miscellaneous plans and diagrams. Crown plans were used when Crown land was released for agricultural or townsite development, road creation and reservation for public purposes.

Since July 2000, all Crown survey plans and diagrams are lodged as Crown deposited plans. Existing Crown survey plans and diagrams were given a unique deposited plan (DP) number in addition to their Crown survey plan number.

All Crown deposited plans are available to order by their unique DP number. Landgate account holders can obtain the plans via Land Enquiry Services. Copies of the plans are delivered by email. Images of the plans can also be viewed, and copies can be ordered over the counter.

Freehold plans and diagrams

Freehold plans and diagrams show lots created by a survey, the use of either the diagram or plan format was dependent on the number of lots created. Deposited plans (DP) now encompass all freehold plans and diagrams. There is no limit to the number of lots being shown on a deposited plan as it may comprise several sheets. Digital versions of DPs are available to be viewed or ordered, over the counter at Midland. Landgate account holders may also order their copies via Land Enquiry Services. Deliveries are by email.

Field records

Field records are the licensed surveyor’s notes from surveys of land. Field records show the relationship between the original survey, the new survey marks and improvements and features close to boundaries. Field records may include resurveys of lots, exploration surveys and some links to mining tenements.

Field records are only available to specific authorised users. They can be obtained through Land Enquiry Services. Field records can be delivered by email or viewed at the counter at Midland.

Strata and survey-strata plans

Strata and survey-strata plans are used for creating strata and survey-strata schemes. These plans identify the lots in strata and survey-strata schemes. Survey or strata plans can be ordered online, over the counter at Midland, via Land Enquiry Services and delivered by email. More information can be obtained from our Guide to strata titles.

Survey index plans

Survey index plans provide a historical record of survey boundaries, field book numbers, Crown and freehold survey numbers and public and private road dedications. Subscribers can view survey index plans via the MyLandgate survey channel.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021