Strata answers

This strata answers page is a collection of information and publications so you understand the impacts and changes of the strata reform. If you would like to make suggestions for changes or improvements to this collection, please send your feedback to: .

Position papers

These are quite detailed, technical explanations of the legislation. They are for professionals and those who need in-depth information that is not in complex legal language.

Simplified dispute resolution0.21MB PDF 6/2018
Improved management0.21MBPDF6/2018
Leasehold schemes0.22MBPDF6/2018
More flexible staged subdivision0.15MBPDF6/2018
Better buyer information0.18MBPDF6/2018
Safeguards for termination of schemes0.29MBPDF6/2018
Community schemes - development0.37MBPDF6/2018
Community schemes - management0.24MBPDF6/2018
Community schemes - dispute resolution0.19MBPDF6/2018
Community schemes - buyer information0.18MBPDF6/2018
Community schemes - safeguards for terminations of schemes0.31MBPDF6/2018

Information sheets

These are easy-to-understand summaries of the legislation for those who need a general understanding of the changes. Please see the position papers for more detailed information. More information sheets will be added at a later date.

Making strata better - An overview of the changes1.1MBPDF10/2018


This information has been prepared for the purposes of informing stakeholders and the community on the nature and scope of the proposed reforms to the legislation relating to strata title. Every effort has been made to ensure the information presented is accurate at the time of publication. Because this information avoids the use of legal language, information about the law may have been summarised or expressed in general statements. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional legal advice or reference to the actual or proposed legislation. The contents should not be relied on as a guide for current or future legislation relating to strata title or community title in Western Australia or in relation to current or future subdivision or development proposals, commercial transactions or dealings in strata title.

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