Buying & selling property

When buying and selling property in Western Australia there are a number of information sources you should consider to assist you in the process. This includes the current property market, information on local governments, the First Home Owner Grant and legislation.

The information below can be used as an initial reference point for a number of these services. Please note that it is not to be relied upon as a complete reference source.


Verification of Identity

Refer to Landgate's Verification of Identity page.

Department of Mines,Industry Regulation and Safety

  • buying a property - what you need to know when buying a property, how to get help and alternatives to buying
  • selling a property - what you need to know when selling your property
  • building or renovating a property - getting quotes, handling issues and where to obtain more information
  • property contracts (offer and acceptance) - details about property purchase/sale contracts in Western Australia
  • land valuers, real estate and settlement agents - about property industry professionals and your rights and responsibilities
  • property scams - how to identify a property scam when looking to buy or sell.

First home - new home

If you are buying or building your first home, you may be eligible to apply for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). The FHOG Scheme is fully funded by the Western Australian Government and administered by the RevenueWA.

Property reports

Landgate allows you to search sales history for Western Australian properties sold since 1988. Simply enter a street address to find sales history reports with in-depth property details for any house, unit, street or suburb. Find copies of valuation roll extracts and a range of complete property reports for a single address.

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

Use the search tool on this site to find real estate agents in your area.

Government of Western Australia

Everything to do with housing and property, including tips for home buyers, grants available and services such as gas and water.

Heritage Council State Heritage Office

Owners of heritage properties are custodians of WA's cultural heritage. This office can assist you in respecting, conserving and revitalising heritage properties into contemporary places that embrace their heritage significance.

Stamp duty

Department of Finance has a number of useful resources for the following:

  • Transfer Duty – what is transfer duty?
  • Duty – do I pay duty on the purchase of residential property?
  • Land Tax – do I need to pay land tax?
  • Calculators – estimate the land tax or transfer duty payable.


Australian Institute of Conveyancers (WA Division)

The institute works closely with Landgate, the RevenueWA and the Department of Commerce (Consumer Protection), where required, to ensure benefits for the conveyancing profession and the consumers who avail themselves of such services.

The Law Society of Western Australia

The Law Society of Western Australia is the peak professional association for lawyers in this State. Find A Lawyer allows you to search online to find Law Society members who have experience in certain areas of law.


Landgate location services

Locate brings together information on property boundaries, public transport networks, the location of schools and health services, highlighted conveniently on one map where you can search your area of interest.

Public schools

Department of Education lists public schools in an area including phone numbers and type of school.


State Library of WA provides a downloadable list of all libraries in WA.

Public and private hospitals

Look at WA provides a list of public and private hospitals in WA.

Legislation and regulations

All Acts and Regulations can be found at Western Australian Legislation.

This page was last updated on: 19 Jan 2022