Natural disaster recovery support

Landgate offers disaster recovery assistance to communities severely affected by eligible natural disasters, as proclaimed under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for Western Australia. Find out how to order a duplicate title or have your boundaries resurveyed at our FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

While Landgate has limited involvement in the mitigation of disasters, we can help communities with disaster recovery efforts for:

  • Replacement of lost, damaged or missing titles (There is no cost to lodge a request for replacement duplicate if relating to an eligible natural disaster).
  • Ownership information.
  • Re-establishing property boundaries.
  • Re-establishing survey markers for flood monitoring and engineering works.

Contact our customer service team who can direct you to the relevant area.

Where duplicate Certificates of Title have been lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen, applications can be made to the Commissioner of Titles under section 75 of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 for a replacement by lodging the relevant papers with Landgate. Follow the how to guide available on Landgate’s website for assistance.

There is no cost to lodge a request for a new duplicate title if impacted by an eligible natural disaster.

To apply for a replacement duplicate title you will require the following documents:

  • Application, Form A5
  • Statutory Declaration, Form B3 (the statutory declaration must address all the statements referred to in the guide for replacing a duplicate certificate of title
  • Original and current land rates notice (or originally signed letter) issued by the local council.
  • Copy of correspondence (if any) from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services confirming the extent of damage to the property in which the duplicate Certificate of Title was held.
  • All original documents referred to in the statutory declaration

Note: For people in the declared area of an eligible natural disaster the Registrar and Commissioner will exempt them from Verification of Identification and authority to deal requirements.

If there are two or more registered proprietors on the title, both the application and supporting statutory declaration must be signed by each person and must be independently witnessed. This means the witness must sign under the signature of each person declaring, also signing the statutory declaration.

An applicant can be represented by a lawyer, the process for Verification of Identity and Authority to deal are exempt meaning that the lawyer does not need to provide these and can instead lodge on behalf of the applicant. The applicant/s will need to sign the application form and make a statutory declaration.

A search of your Certificate of Title at Landgate will disclose the registered interests on your title. Landgate’s MyLandgate (Map Viewer Plus and Land Enquiry Services) can assist with ownership details an analysis of interests affecting land in the title land, including utilities and heritage information.

Contact our customer service team who can assist.

Check out Landgate’s Replacing a Duplicate Certificate of Title how to guide which will step you through the process of filling out your application.

Our customer service team can provide clarification of information contained within the how to guide. If assistance is required in completing the form it is recommended that a business professional such as a conveyancer, lawyer or settlement agent is used.

All documents are sent to the Head Office for consideration. The Current Turn Around Times webpage will provide details on how long the application may taken to be processed.

You are welcome to lodge your document in person at the following Landgate offices:

  • Midland Office – 1 Midland Square, Midland (corner of Great Northern Highway and Morrison Road)
  • Perth Office – 200 Cloisters Square, St Georges Terrace, Perth

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm except public holidays.

You can also mail your application to:

Landgate Document Lodgement Section
PO Box 2222
Midland WA 6936

Note: Only originally signed application forms and statutory declarations can be lodged for registration and all forms must be printed on white A4 size paper in duplex style, so both sides of the paper are printed upon.

Documents or duplicate titles are returned by standard post. If registered post is preferred, please include a self-addressed pre-paid security envelope when the application is lodged.

Landgate can re-establish property boundaries to ensure accurate placement of dwellings and fences.

Contact our customer service team who can assist.

This page was last updated on: 03 Jan 2023