Fraud prevention

In 2012 Landgate introduced a Verification of Identity (VOI) practice to help reduce land title fraud due to identity theft or other improper dealings. If you are preparing land titling forms to be lodged with Landgate, it is essential you refer to our identity verification requirements. Other measures available from Landgate to help prevent title fraud include landowner caveats and TitleWatch.


TitleWatch is an annual monitoring service to alert you to changes to your Certificate of Title. It can help reduce the threat of title fraud happening to you, with updates on changes to ownership.

Landowners caveat

Identity theft is becoming more widespread. To minimise the risk land owners can place a Caveat on their property to help prevent title fraud. Useful for owners who are overseas for extended periods.

Verification of identity

Verification of Identity (VOI) is a standard used by Landgate to confirm the identity of persons transacting in land including completing and lodgement certain land titling forms and applications.

This page was last updated on: 06 Sep 2019