Current Fees

Search Fees

Fees correct as at 1 July 2021.
Please note that all fees are not subject to GST.

Search Fees
Copy of Certificate of Title $27.20
Document (e.g. Transfer/Mortgage/Caveat) $27.20
Check Search $13.60
Enduring Power of Attorney Document $27.20
Deposited Plan, Diagram, Strata $27.20
Memorial (Deeds Office) $27.20
Dealing Search (per document copied) $27.20
Certifying of a Certificate of Title or Document* $65.00

* The total Certification Fee is $92.20 (which includes a $27.20 copy fee) for a Title, Superseded Title, Survey or Document. They must all be purchased together at the same time.

Disclaimer: This fee schedule is only a guide refer to the gazetted version of the regulations.

Lodgement Fees

Please note that all fees are not subject to GST.

Lodgement Fees
Application Lost C/T (per Title)$181.30Transfer of Lease (per Lease)$181.30
Discharge (per Mortgage)$181.30Extension (per Mortgage/Lease)$181.30
Caveat$181.30Transfer of Mortgage$181.30
Withdrawal (per Caveat)$181.30(Additional Mortgages)$14.10
14 days' notice (per Caveat) (In addition to Document Lodgement Fee) $157.70Notification$181.30
21 days' notice (application)$339.00Memorial$181.30
Power of Attorney$181.30Easement$181.30
Revocation$181.30Property (Seizure & Sale) Order$181.30
Mortgage$181.30Deed of Trust$181.30
Production Fee$90.65Surrender$181.30
Production Fee (Extra Production)$6.50Additional fee per title or lease in excess of 20 titles or leases shown in each document $6.50
Application for Deposited Plan plus an extra $6.50 per lot other than a vesting lot$181.30
Scheme By-Laws in connection with Application to register strata titles scheme $181.30
Disposition Statement$181.30Notice of Termination Event$181.30
Application to terminate a strata titles scheme plus an additional $6.50 for each lot in the scheme $181.30
Application to register a Strata Titles Scheme plus additional $6.50 for each new lot created by the amendment $181.30
General fee for lodgement of Strata Lease plus additional $6.50 for each separate Strata Lease $181.30
Amend a Strata Titles Scheme, being an application that amends a plan plus additional $6.50 for each new lot created by the amendment $181.30
Notice of Expiry of a leasehold scheme plus $6.50 for each lot in the leasehold scheme that expires $181.30
Lodge Scheme Notice$0.00Amend Strata Titles Scheme, being an application that does not amend a scheme plan $181.30
Stop Document Fees
Requisition Fee$90.65Withdrawal from Registration$90.65
Rejection Fee is full lodging fee paid  


Registration fees for transfer documents are based on the consideration or value assessed by RevenueWA.

Up To $85,000$181.30
$85,001 To $120,000$191.30
$120,001 To $200,000$211.30
$200,001 To $300,000$231.30
$300,001 To $400,000$251.30
$400,001 To $500,000$271.30
$500,001 To $600,000$291.30
$600,001 To $700,000$311.30
$700,001 To $800,000$331.30
$800,001 To $900,000$351.30
$900,001 To $1,000,000$371.30
$1,000,001 To $1,100,000$391.30
$1,100,001 To $1,200,000$411.30
$1,200,001 To $1,300,000$431.30
$1,300,001 To $1,400,000$451.30
$1,400,001 To $1,500,000$471.30
$1,500,001 To $1,600,000$491.30
$1,600,001 To $1,700,000$511.30
$1,700,001 To $1,800,000$531.30
$1,800,001 To $1,900,000$551.30
$1,900,001 To $2,000,000$571.30
Over $2,000,000$571.30, plus $20 for every $100,000 or part thereof

Survey lodgement fees

Survey Lodgement Fees
General Fee Deposited Plan & Strata/Survey-Strata Plan (includes strata plan of conversion & sketch plan for merger of strata schemes)  $293.00 For each Lot $76.00
Requisition on Deposited Plan or Strata/Survey-Strata Plan  $118.10  
Replacing a Plan $293.00  
Cancellation of a Plan $225.00

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