Current Ownership Name Search Report

If you have a MyLandgate account the Current Ownership Name Search Report can be accessed through Land Enquiry Services, allowing you to search for West Australian properties using only a person’s name. If you don’t have a MyLandgate account, requests for a Current Ownership Name Search Report must be conducted in person at one of our Landgate Offices in Midland or Perth. An in person request requires you to present 100 points of ID to comply with Name Suppression guidelines.

A copy of our 100 point Verification form is available to view, which lists the accepted ID and the points that it covers.

It costs nothing to search using a person’s name and be provided a list of Certificate of Title reference numbers for lands they may hold. Copies of the individual Certificates of Title can then be purchased to view more details about the property.

If you have any other information to identify where the properties are that you are wishing to search i.e: full street address, parcel identifier or Certificate of Title volume and folio number, then it is not necessary to complete the 100 point ID verification or attend our offices in person. You will be able to purchase Landgate’s products online using these other details.

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Current Ownership Name Search Report gives you:

  • a list of all properties that currently contain the name searched as a proprietor which shows:
    • the parcel identifier
    • address
    • date of execution for the document that added the name.

Current Ownership Name Search Report is useful to:

  • track all properties the current name is listed against
  • provide the list as part of the evidence for First Home Buyers.

What you need to order:

  • enough identification to satisfy the 100 point ID form
  • details of the name you want to search for.

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Find answers to your most common enquiries about a Current Ownership Name Search Report.

What if there are no results found when the name search is done?

Landgate can supply a report to indicate that there are no current properties owned with the name specified.

How does Landgate distinguish between two or more people with the same name?

The land title register doesn’t hold information like date of births, or phone numbers against proprietor details so there is no way for a report to show the difference between two people with the same name. The report will provide all properties for all people with that name. If required, you can purchase supporting documents such as Transfers to identify co-owners and review signatures to help you identify individual owners.

Can I find out who has searched my name?

This information does not form part of the Public Register. It can be made available to certain government agencies such as law enforcement upon formal request only.

How can I prevent people searching for my name?

Landgate follows the Name Suppression guidelines. There is a name suppression application kit available to download and read from the Landgate website. The kit outlines eligibility, process, and some FAQs.

This page was last updated on: 20 Nov 2020