Premium property reports

If you are keen to know more about a particular property in Western Australia, a premium property report is the 'complete package'. It bundles detailed information about a property and its neighbourhood, into one report. Depending on your needs, there are two types of reports; the more detailed premium property report or a standard property report.

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Property report features

Table 1 Standard and premium property report features
Standard and premium reports Premium report only
Copy of Certificate of Title
Copy of survey or strata plan
Land and property details
Aerial photograph
Sales history.
Local places of interest
Suburb demographics
Average type of property for the suburb
Suburb sales profile
Gross rental values and unimproved land vales

What you need to order:

  • street address, title number (volume and folio) or lot on plan number
  • debit or credit card
  • email address.

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View premium property report sample

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Table 2 Prices of premium and standard property sales reports
Type of property report Price
Standard $73.10
Premium  $102.50

Find answers to your most common enquiries about premium property reports.

Can I get a report for a property I do not own?

Landgate maintains the official register of land ownership and survey information for the Western Australian State Government. This means that it is a public register and all land information contained in it is available to everyone.

Can I get a report for property outside of Western Australia?

Landgate only maintains the records for WA. For land information from other states, please refer to these official government sites:

Northern Territory
New South Wales
South Australia

How far back in time can I go to get sales history?

Landgate holds property sales information from 1988 onwards.

What information do I need to conduct a search?

You require a street name to start a search, however the more information you can provide, the quicker you will be able to locate the property you need.

When selecting your required property address, please pay careful attention to strata property addresses. Strata complex and unit numbers in a street address do not always correspond to the lot number shown in the parcel identifier panel alongside the street address. If you are unsure which address to select, you may like to speak to our customer service centre on +61 (0)8 9273 7373.

What does a double asterisk ** alongside the sale price mean?

A ** noted alongside the sale price on the property report indicates that the sales price is a combination of multiple properties purchased by the same transaction. Landgate is unable to report the individual amount that was paid for each property within a multiple property sale.

How up-to-date are the property details provided?

The property details provided are those recorded at the time of the last registered sale.

How recent are the aerial photographs provided?

View our coverage index (2MB) to determine the date of capture for aerial photography in your area.

What is a Certificate of Title?

A Certificate of Title is a record of all information relevant to a parcel of land. It includes ownership details, any interests registered against the land, and a legal land description. 

What is a survey plan?

A survey plan offers a pictorial description of a lot within a subdivision. 

What is a registered sale?

Registered sales are sales that are have settled and been registered at Landgate to effect an official change in property ownership.

Please Note: If a property has sold recently, the registered sale information may take up to 6 weeks to be updated online.

What is a pending sale?

Pending sales are sales that have not yet been recorded as registered sales at Landgate. Pending sales information is released from the week that settlement is due to occur. It can take up to 6 weeks from the date of settlement for a sale to appear as a registered sale.

What is a comparable sale?

A sale is considered 'comparable' where the property details listed for the property at the time of the sale match the following details listed for the property enquired on at the time of last sale:

  • property use (eg residential, commercial etc)
  • property classification (strata, non strata, vacant land)
  • land or building area (within a predefined range)
  • number of bedrooms and bathrooms (for residential properties only).

What does the median sales price represent?

The median sales price is the sale price of the property situated in the middle of a set of properties that are ranked according to sales price. It is not the average sales price.

For example, three properties were sold for $300 000, $320 000 and $900 000 respectively. The median sales price is $320 000 which represents the value of property in the middle of the set.

What places of interest are included in the premium property report?

  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • shopping centres
  • tertiary institutions
  • train stations
  • hospitals.

Are places of interest for rural areas included?

Points of interest for all rural and non-metropolitan areas are excluded from standard and premium property reports.

What is gross rental value?

Gross rental value (GRV) is the gross annual rental that the land might reasonably be expected to realise if let on a tenancy from year to year. For a full description of gross rental value.

What is unimproved land value?

For land situated within a townsite the unimproved land value (UV) is the site value of the land. In general, this means the value of the land as if it were vacant with no improvements except merged improvements. The Unimproved Value of land outside a townsite is valued as if it had no improvements. In this case the land is valued as though it remains in its original, natural state, although any land degradation is taken into account. For a full description of unimproved land value.

What if there are no land values for my property?

If there is either no unimproved value or gross rental value for your property, you will be warned prior to purchase of the report. Your report will be discounted and this section will only contain the available information.

What details are included in a suburb profile?

The following information has been sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for inclusion in the premium property report:

  • size of suburb
  • population
  • age of population
  • dwelling types
  • occupancy status
  • household weekly income
  • family characteristics
  • occupation.

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