Landgate transaction delivers for Western Australia

The State Government has today announced the appointment of Land Services WA as the successful service provider for the Landgate Partial Commercialisation. LSWA will provide, improve and maintain the systems that facilitate Landgate’s automated titling services, including document and plan processing, searches and associated products and services.

Landgate will continue to operate as a statutory authority and remain responsible for many vital functions, including all manual titling transaction processing, property valuations and location information.

Importantly, the existing security, privacy and integrity of the land titles register will be maintained, and the statutory indefeasibility of title will be preserved

As Landgate will continue to provide all aspects of customer service, your relationship with Landgate will not change.

The Landgate team will remain and continue to provide the same service to our commercial, community and government customers as they do today. All contact details remain the same.

Landgate looks forward to continuing its relationship with you.

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020