Property Street Addressing FAQs

Answers to your most common enquiries about Property Street Addressing.

Why does Landgate manage Property Street Addressing?

Landgate is responsible for the recording of the Property Street Addressing for the State of Western Australia. The aim is to provide one complete and authoritative source for Property Street Addresses.

Who is responsible for allocating Property Street Addresses?

Local Government Authorities are responsible for, and have control of, the numbering process under the Local Government Act. Landgate has the State Government custodial responsibility for recording the addresses.

Landgate’s Geographic Names Committee is responsible for the official naming of Geographic features such as roads and localities. Further information on Geographic Names can be found here.

Why won’t some organisations set up an account for me?

Many Government agencies and service providers may not open an account or set up a connection unless your address can be verified with Landgate.

Why does the Property Street Address information shown on my strata title differ?

The Property Street Address database contains detailed address information but this can on occasions differ to what is in use at street level. For example, residents may be using A and B instead of unit 1 or unit 2. A check with your Local Government will confirm the correct approved address to use.

Is it possible to change my Property Street Address?

Yes – however only on approval from your Local Government Authority. Numbers are allocated in a sequential order which usually precludes any amendments to street numbering after the initial allocation.  If problems with mail delivery or difficulty in locating a property do occur, your Local Government Authority will investigate and advise Landgate if a change has been approved.

What Property Street Address number do I use if I am in a new strata?

Where only one street number existed prior to subdivision, the allocated number will be determined in accordance with your Local Government’s numbering policies and procedures. These policies and procedures do differ across each Local Government Authority.

How does Rural Street Addressing work?

Rural Street Addressing is a simple distance based system – numbers are allocated in sequence, based on how far your property entrance is from the nominated start of the road. Odd numbers are on the left and even numbers are on the right. If a property’s number is 327, it is on the left side and 3.27 kilometres from the start of the road. If the number is 1026, it is on the right side and 10.26 kilometres from the start.

When should I start using the new Rural Street Address?

Formal notification will be sent to the owners directly from the Local Government Authority. This will confirm the Rural Street Address and when to begin using this address. If you are using a PO Box – this continues as normal.

For Local Governments that are in the process of implementing rural numbering there may be a delay between the erection of the number sign at your gate and the official start date notification.

Who has been notified about my new Property Street Address?

Landgate and the Local Government Authority have the address recorded. In addition, the Local Government Authority has notified Australia Post, Water Corporation, the State and Federal Electoral Commissions, the Police and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. For personal privacy and security, you will need to notify banks, insurance companies etc of your new address.

My Property Street Address number is not what I think it should be?

If you believe that your Rural Street Number is not correct you will need to discuss this with your Local Government Authority.

Why did I get two Rural Property Addresses?

Properties that have two entries to separate buildings will be allocated a separate address. This is to ensure that Emergency Service can locate you as quickly as possible. One number may have been allocated for the homestead and another for the shearing shed if they are accessed separately.

I want to change where my Rural Street Address number post has been positioned.

You are not to move the number without Local Government approval as the number must remain clearly visible at all times from the road. The number not only identifies your property but also helps guide Emergency Service responders as they travel along your road.

I have a letterhead printed with my old Rural Street Address number.

You should start to use your new address as soon as your Local Authority has officially notified you. Australia Post has been advised and will endeavour to ensure mail disruption is minimal during this period.

If you cannot find the information you need or have additional questions, in the first instance contact your Local Government Authority. General enquiries can also be directed to Landgate’s Customer Services 9273 7373.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021