Aerial photography

Between 1948 and 2009 aerial imagery of Western Australia was captured by aircraft using traditional film cameras. Today, digital cameras are used and our aerial imagery can be viewed online, at no cost with Map Viewer Plus. It is easy to see the changing landscape of Western Australian cities, towns and suburbs over time. Our Midland staff can help you with photographic prints, enlargements and custom images.

Online aerial photography

Landgate offers digital aerial photographic images covering a large portion of Western Australia. Images are available for purchase online and range from the present day back to 1948.

Historical imagery prints & enlargements

Landgate can make aerial photography available as hard copy prints (at scale or as enlargements) or in a digital format to suit your requirements.

Near-Infrared Imagery

Landgate is seeking input from Local Government and the environmental industry to develop a range of near-infrared products. Discover how NIR imagery can deliver vegetation cover analysis.

Custom aerial imagery extracts

Landgate can deliver state wide customised imagery extracts based on your specific area of interest.

This page was last updated on: 17 Apr 2021