Can I object to my UV because of COVID-19?

Any property owner who does not agree with their Unimproved Value (UV) may lodge an objection. However, objections submitted with the impact of COVID-19 listed as the reason will not be accepted. This is because the latest date of valuation (1 August 2019) is prior to COVID-19.

For your UV objection to be considered:

  • Provide vacant land sales evidence or pertinent supporting information at (or around) the date of valuation (DoV) of 1 August of the previous year, that shows the assessment is too high or too low, compared to similar properties that have the same physical and locational attributes.
  • Lodge an objection within 60 days of the date of issue of your council rates, water rates or land tax notice.

Landgate cannot take into consideration the following reasons for an objection:

  • External economic or environmental factors that have occurred outside the DoV period
  • Reduction of rental income or market sales values that occurred outside the DoV period.

This page was last updated on: 25 Feb 2021