Rent review and objection

Under the LAA and VLA, any person liable to pay a pastoral rent has the right to:

1. Object to the rental value

2. If dissatisfied with the outcome of an objection, seek a review by the State Administrative Tribunal


Before you lodge an objection, please contact the Landgate Customer Service Team.

If you query is still not resolved you (or your agent) may lodge a formal objection.

Formal objections must be lodged within 60 days from the issue of a rent notice. While the Valuer General may accept objections outside this period, it is more likely the matter will then be treated as an informal query without a right of review.

The Valuer General may grant an extension of time in which to lodge a valid objection, however the onus is on the objecting party to establish reasonable cause for such an extension to be granted.

Objections must be made in writing to the Valuer General and include sufficient information to identify the property. For the objection to be valid, this must include:

  • The name of the station and pastoral lease number(s) or Crown Land title details
  • The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage invoice number on the rent notice
  • Confirmation that the objection relates to the pastoral lease rent determination
  • Detailed reasons and evidence in support of the grounds for objection
  • Details of the objector’s name, postal address and telephone number

Once an objection is received and accepted, the Valuer General may seek to arrange an inspection of the property. A response, including the decision to allow or disallow the objection, will be provided in writing.

Download an Objection Form.

Seek a review

If you lodge an objection and are dissatisfied with the Valuer General’s decision, you may have the decision reviewed by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). A request to have the decision referred to the SAT must be served on the Valuer General within 60 days of the service of the Valuer General’s decision on the objection, or such further period as the Valuer General may allow.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021