Property ownership

All matters that relate to land ownership records in Western Australia are administered by Landgate. Whether you are buying or selling a property, need to make changes to a title or just seeking general advice, we have a range of application forms, online guides, fee schedules and experienced officers to help you find the answers you need.

Seek professional advice
The information provided is intended only to be a summary and general overview. It is a guide only and may not be suitable for your specific circumstances. The information is not intended to be comprehensive, nor to constitute legal advice. We strongly recommend that you seek independent legal or other professional advice, appropriate to your own circumstances, before acting or relying on any information provided.

Form lodgement

Lodge forms in person at our Midland and Perth offices or contact us with your enquiry. Processing times will vary. We recommend you check our latest turnaround times at lodgement.

Certification of original documents

Landgate can certify titling documents for legal purposes. Allow up to four days for Landgate to process your request. Fill out and send us a completed online form along with your required fees.

Buying & selling property

When buying and selling property in Western Australia there are many information sources to help you with the process. As a starting point find useful links, tools, tips and general information.

Fraud prevention

To help prevent title fraud Landgate has introduced the Verification of Identity (VOI) practice. Other precautionary measures include a landowner's caveat and TitleWatch, a title monitoring service.

Verify an Address

You can establish the accuracy of home addresses in Western Australia free of charge using our online address verification service.

ATO Property Reporting

From July 1 2017, new Commonwealth Government reporting requirements were introduced that affect all real estate property transfers in Western Australia.

Natural disaster recovery support

Landgate offers disaster recovery assistance to communities severely affected by eligible natural disasters. Find out how to order a duplicate title or have your boundaries resurveyed at our FAQs.

This page was last updated on: 04 Mar 2020