Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms

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Version 1 - 20/03/2018

1 Abbreviations

AAAgricultural Area
AHDAustralian Height Datum
ALOAuthorised Land Officer
CADComputer Aided Drafting
CGCrown Grant
CIOCentral Issuing Office
C/LCrown Lease
CLRCrown Land Record
CSDCadastral Survey Data
C/TCertificate of Title
DLIDepartment of Land Information (also known as Landgate)
DPDeposited Plan
DSLDigital Survey Lodgement
EDMElectronic Distance Measuring
eFBElectronic Field Book (CSD File)
EPLANElectronic Plan (PDF File)
EIOTEarly Issue of Title
FBField Book
FSCFinal Survey Certificate
GDAGeocentric Datum of Australia
GESMARGeodetic Survey Marks Register
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HDSHitachi Data System
HWMHigh Water Mark
IPSInspector of Plans and Surveys
LAALand Administration Act 1997
LIALand Information Access
LANDCAPLand Parcel Capture System
LG ActLocal Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960
LSALicensed Surveyors Act 1909
LTOLand Titles Office
LWMLow Water Mark
MGAMap Grid of Australia (derived from GDA Coordinates)
P&D ActPlanning & Development Act 2005
PAWPedestrian Accessway
PCMPermanent Control Mark
PDFPortable Document Format® (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PFBPortable Field Book
PIParcel Identifier
P/LPastoral Lease
PSMPermanent Survey Mark
RDLRegional Development and Lands
RLReduced Level
RSBRegistration Services Bank of Landgate
ROWRight of Way
SCDBSpatial Cadastral Data Base
SDISurvey Data Input
SDXSurvey Data Exchange
SFState Forest
SICSurvey Index Cards
SIPSurvey Index Plan
S.I.P.Star Iron Picket
SM2Spatial Maintenance 2
SR&ASurvey Registration & Advice Officer
SSASpecial Survey Area
SSMStandard Survey Mark
SUB LOTSuburban Lot
TCMTemporary Control Mark
TLATransfer of Land Act 1893
TP&D ActTown Planning and Development Act 1928
UCLUnallocated Crown Land (formerly VCL – Vacant Crown Land)
WAPCWestern Australian Planning Commission

2 Terms

Acquisition of LandLand may be received or bought back by the Crown, Government instrumentalities or Local Governments for a range of public purposes (section 11 of the LAA). The owners are recompensed at the land’s current market value or assessed value OR land may be resumed by the Commonwealth Government under the Lands Acquisition Act 1955. There are special implications for mineral rights in these dealings.
Alienated LandLand held in Freehold
Certificate of Crown Land TitleA page of the Register book specifying the ownership (State of Western Australia) of a defined parcel of Crown land and the lodged or registered interests, dealings, caveats or claims (encumbrances) in respect of that parcel of Crown land.
Closed RoadA Public road closed by Taking Order (section 170 and 177 of the LAA), Commonwealth acquisition, or by section 58 of the Land Administration Act 1997. The land may be disposed of to adjoining proprietors under section 87 of the LAA.
Conditional Purchase LeaseThese leases relate solely to Agricultural and Grazing land and are for terms varying from 25 to 30 years. Up to 2000 hectares (or 4000 with special approval) may be held by the one party. The lessee pays a rental sufficient to cover the purchase price and if all land development conditions are met they are then entitled to become the owner.
Conditional Purchase LicenseAs for a Conditional Purchase Lease except that the term is limited to 7 years during which development conditions must be met. The holder of the licence then has 12 months in which to pay the purchase money.
Control of ReserveReserves are generally under the control of RDL but can be placed under the control of an Authority (Management Body), including the Commonwealth (e.g. Department of Defence).
Crown Grant

A legal document issued in the name of Her Majesty granting, after certain conditions are met, to the proprietor a defined portion of Crown Land in fee simple. There may or may not be restrictions on how the land can be used.


Under the LAA, Crown Grants are no longer issued. Crown Grants have been replaced by the conventional conveyancing process of Offer and Acceptance followed by the registration of a transfer document and the issue of a Certificate of Title.

Crown LeaseA lease issued under the Land Act 1993 for a period of 5 years or more for use of the land. The lease document is registered under the LAA. (See Crown Land Lease.)
Crown LandAll land except for alienated land and includes land within the limits of the State that form the airspace, seabed and subsoil of coastal waters as defined by the Commonwealth’s Coastal Waters (State Powers) Act 1980.
Crown Land LeaseA lease issued under the Land Administration Act 1997 for a period of 12 months or more for using Crown land. The Crown Land Lease will simply be known as a Lease and will be registered under the Transfer of Land Act 1893 (TLA). Note: Leases that are for a term of less than 12 months will be in the form of a license and not registered under the TLA.
Dedicated RoadRoad set aside for use by the public, the absolute property of which is vested in the name of the Crown. The care, control and management are the responsibility of a Local Government Authority or Main Roads WA. Roads are set apart for the public use by either registration of a Ministerial Order or upon approval of a diagram or Plan of survey containing the road (also termed a public road).
DLIDepartment of Land Information. Now known as the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate).
DPIDepartment of Planning and Infrastructure (superseded by the Department of Planning and The Department of Regional Development and Lands).
EasementGives a person or a company ‘rights of use or engagement’ over land owned by another.
General RegulationsThe Licensed Surveyors (Guidance of Surveyors) Regulations 1961.
Head TenureThe highest priority land description of a parcel/s of land e.g. Reserve, Pastoral Lease or State Forest.
Joint VentureThe Land Administration Act 1997 provides for Landgate to enter into agreements with other parties private or government, for the purpose of developing and selling Crown land.
LandAll land within the limits of the State including coastal waters and the seabed. It may specifically include or exclude the right to some minerals.
Land Act 1933An Act of Parliament to consolidate and amend laws relating to Crown Land. (Repealed by the Land Administration Act 1997)
LandgateThe Western Australian Land Information Authority- trading as Landgate. Formerly known as the Department of Land Information (DLI).
LeaseA grant of possession of property for a number of years at specified rentals and subject to various conditions. The registered proprietor has certain re-entry rights if the lessee defaults by not observing the conditions of the lease or by not paying the specified rentals
Lease of ReserveReserves can be leased direct by the Crown for any purpose under rental conditions specified by the Governor. Reserves may also be leased by parties holding a formal management order, provided the order includes the power to lease.
Licence to OccupyA Certificate given under the authority of the Minister for Lands authorising the purchaser to enter and hold the land, subject to the terms and conditions specified.
Live Mining TenureA parcel of land allocated tenure under the Mines Act, which is currently in use for mining or associated purposes.
Mall ReserveCrown land (generally a closed road) reserved for the purpose of a ‘Mall Reserve’.
Management BodyPerson/s or body in which the care, control and management of a reserve or Mall Reserve is placed (formerly known as a Vestee).
Management PlanPlan setting out proposed development, management and use of Crown land by a Management body or lessee.
Management of ReservesLandgate maintains a Crown Reserve database which includes details as to area, purpose, locality, etc. It also shows who controls the reserve. Landgate is responsible for ensuring the correct use of reserves and may require a Management Body to prepare a management plan. A proportion of all reserves are inspected annually to monitor correct usage
Ministerial OrderAn order made by the Minister for Lands authorising disposition and other administrative actions in relation to Crown Land. Ministerial Orders must be registered under the Transfer of Land Act 1893 to be effectual
National ParksUsually ‘A’ Class reserves and controlled by the Department of Conservation and Land Management through the National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority.
Nature ReserveReserves set aside for the conservation of flora and fauna, and usually controlled by the Department of Conservation and Land Management through the National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority.
OwnershipAll land is subject to Tenure which means that the Crown is the ultimate owner. Land holders are tenants in one form or another and are termed Registered Proprietors.
Pastoral LeaseThese leases confer on the lessee the right to graze stock on the natural vegetation and gives no right to the soil or timber. The leases are limited to the natural surface of the land only. Up to 500,000 hectares may be leased by the one party. All pastoral leases expire on the 30th June 2015.
Permits (Pastoral)May be granted under the Land Administration Act 1997 by the Pastoral Lands Board to permit use of pastoral lease land for related pastoral and non-pastoral activity (e.g., for tourism, horticulture etc).
Perpetual LeaseRelates to properties settled by eligible ex-servicemen after World War II. Perpetual leases were granted pursuant to the provisions of the War Service Land Settlement Act. The Commonwealth owns the land in Fee Simple and leases it under special arrangements with the State. Provided conditions are met the lessee may pay the agreed option price and receive the Freehold of the land.
PlanningDepartment of Planning (formerly the Department of Planning and Infrastructure- DPI)
RDLDepartment of Regional Development and Lands .(formerly the Department of Planning and Infrastructure- DPI)
PlansIncludes diagrams.
Public RoadA road dedicated to use by the Public. Control and management is placed in Local Authorities or the Main Roads WA. Also referred to as a dedicated road, gazetted road or street.
Public Access Route

A route across Crown land declared by the Minister, well sign posted and deemed a 144 Easement providing access to the public to recreational and tourism sites. A plan of the route showing the width is created after advertising and the consents of interested parties is secured.

“No liability by the Minister, use at your own peril” (section 63-71 of the LAA)

Qualified Certificate of Crown Land TitleA Qualified Certificate of Crown Land Title (QCLT) can be created for Crown allotments where pre-Land Administration Act 1997 issued interests may not be known at the time of issue. QCLTs may be upgraded to a Certificate of Crown Land Title upon completion of a validation process. Crown Land Records (pre LAA) automatically became QCLTs on proclamation of the Land Administration Act 1997

Areas of Crown Land set apart for various public purposes e.g. Parks, Recreation, Drainage or Church sites. The reserve is identified by a number, for example Reserve No. 12345. Reserves may be vested or leased.

There are three different categories of reserves:

  • Class ‘A’ Those classified as being Class ‘A’ forever remain dedicated to the purpose declared until by an Act of Parliament it is otherwise amended. Class ‘A’ is used where there is a need perceived for the highest form of protection, for example Kings Park or National Parks.
  • Class ‘B’: Some reserves were seen as warranting higher protection than usual but not to the extent of Class ‘A’. Class ‘B’ reserves could be varied by the Governor in Executive Council, and amendment be notified to Parliament.
  • Class ’C’: This category of reserves was dealt with as the Governor in Executive Council determined. The vast majority of reserves were Class ‘C’.

Under the Land Administration Act 1997, new reserves are Class ‘A’ or simply a reserve. Class ‘B’ and ‘C’ are no longer allocated.

ResumptionsSee Taking
Revestment of Land

Freehold land acquired by the Crown whether by transfer or taking, or pursuant to other provisions such as those in the Local Government Act 1995 relating to forfeiture of land for non-payment of rates, may be revested in the Crown pursuant to section 243 of the Transfer of Land Act 1893

The relevant Certificate of Title is cancelled and the subject land is re-identified by a new lot or location number and may be dealt with by Landgate as unallocated Crown land.

The Land Administration Act 1997 provides for the Minister for Lands to revest Freehold land back to the Crown by Ministerial Order with or without existing encumbrances (section  82 of the LAA).

Revestment may be specified in relation to land, the subject of special Acts. (Eg. Bunbury Railway Lands Act 1985, Forrest Place and City Station Development Act 1985, Geraldton Foreshore and Marina Development Act 1990, and various Railway Closure Acts and Reserves and Land Revestment Acts)

Right of WayA right of way is a strip of land available either for use by the general public or a restricted section of the community and may be created by subdivision, specific transfer or continued use over a period of years.
Road CasementThe cadastral boundaries of a land parcel created for road purposes
RuralA locality where the land parcels are generally larger than 2 hectares
Special LeaseRefer to Crown Land Lease.
Staged ApprovalAllows the issue and registration of Crown Titles for the allotments the subject of the first stage of the Plan approval, in turn enabling registration of any Notice of Intention to Take documents.
State ForestA portion of the Crown Estate wholly devoted to forestry purposes. These are controlled by the Department of Conservation and Land Management through the Lands and Forests Commission.
Stock RouteA strip of land reserved for the droving of livestock from farm to port or market. Generally within the northern regions of the State. It is not a public road unless so dedicated.
Subsidiary Certificate of Crown Land Title

A Certificate of Crown Land Title issued for registration of subsidiary interests. (e.g. multiple leases within a single reserve)

Superlot (Crown)A term commonly applied to a large parcel of Crown land which is being disposed of whether by lease or sale, for subsequent subdivision and sale by the lessee or purchaser for Townsite lots. The Land Administration Act 1997 makes provision for disposal of superlots (section 85 of the LAA ).
TakingThe term used under the Land Administration Act 1997 in lieu of ‘resumption’ or ‘compulsory acquisition’. It relates to the taking or acquisition of interests in land whether by agreement or compulsion.
TLA RegulationsThe Licensed Surveyors (Transfer of Land Act 1893) Regulations 1961
Torrens SystemThe present system of Land Title Registration used by Landgate. This system has simplified the registration of land dealings and guarantees the Title of the land owner. It ensures that a person need not look further than the original Certificate of Title to ascertain all the registered interests in the land.
Transfer of Land Act 1893An Act of Parliament which sets up a public register of title to land, maintained by the Registrar of Titles.
Unallocated Crown LandCrown land which is not subject to any interest (aside from Native Title interests) and which is not reserved or dedicated. (Replaces VACANT CROWN LAND.)
Unmanaged ReserveA reserve which is not formally placed under the care and control of a management body. (Formerly UNVESTED RESERVE.)
UrbanA locality where land parcels are generally 2 hectares or smaller.
Vacant Crown LandCrown Land not currently being used or not reserved for any future purpose. Replaced by Unallocated Crown Land (UCL) under the Land Administration Act 1997.
Vesting Orders

See Management Order

  • The Commissioner of Titles may issue an order vesting Freehold land in an applicant.
  • The Courts (Supreme and Family Court of WA) can issue orders vesting Freehold land in an applicant.

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