APX-04 Plan Examples

Version 1 – 13/03/2018

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The examples indicated with an asterisk (*) are original Plans that have been imaged/scanned. They are only intended to be indicative of that particular circumstance. The Plan forms and their presentation may not reflect current requirements.

1FreeholdSubdivisionSubdivision where new lots contain portions of underlying lots; Former Tenure Table.10.7
2FreeholdSubdivisionBalance Lot; Schedule of Interests and Notifications - 136D Restrictive Covenant, 67B Memorial.9.15, 14.1,, 14.14

3 (2 sheets)


Two Lot subdivision with Road Widening; Schedule of Interests and Notifications - 70A Notification, (1) Sec 129BA TLA Restrictive Covenant.

(2) Sec 150 P&D Act Covenant

13.4, 14.26.2, 14.27
4FreeholdSubdivisionRoad Widening; Curved Truncation boundary; Plan amendment (new version number).10.7,3.4
5FreeholdAcquisitionLand to be acquired for Public Purpose9.15,9.17,
6FreeholdSubdivisionTwo lot subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications - section 167 easement (with height limit), 136C easement.14.20
7FreeholdSubdivisionRural Subdivision with Two Owners; Depth Limit and original Crown boundaries.10.19
8*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled subdivision plan; Schedule of Interests and Notifications - Mineral Reservation from Transfer carried forward, new section 167 easements; Depth Limit and original Crown boundary.

14.20, 9.43, 9.44.3

9FreeholdSubdivisionWater Boundary Land District naming.9.31, 10.3
10FreeholdSubdivisionAbutting vested ROW (Sec 20A TP&D Act, Sec 152 P&D Act), Private lane and private roads (appurtenant and non-appurtenant)14.6
11*FreeholdAcquisitionLand to be acquired for Public Purposes (Road Widenings); balance lots.9.17, 11.1
12FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled plan; 167A Implied Easement.14.6, 14.18
13FreeholdSubdivisionRoad Widening; Schedule of Interests and Notifications - section 27A easement carried forward.14.12
14*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo Lot Subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – 165 notification.14.9, 14.26.2
15FreeholdSubdivisionRoad Widening - truncation; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – Abutting ROW, easement from document and restrictive covenant carried forward, new section 167 easement.10.7, 13.4, 14.6, 14.9, 14.18
16*FreeholdSubdivisionUrban subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – section 167 easements, 129BA Restriction of Access, 70A notification, 67B Memorial; Replacement Plan.14.9, 14.26.2
17* (2 sheets)FreeholdSubdivisionMultiple Sheets Compiled plan; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – section 27A easements, 136C Right of Carriageways, 129BA Restriction of Access & 33A easement (all brought forward).
18*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo lot amalgamation; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – Section 15 Mineral Reservation.9.44.2
19*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo lot amalgamation; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – Energy Operators (Powers) Act easement (3D).14.8
20*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled three lot amalgamation; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – partial Crown Grant in Trust; Depth Limit and original Crown boundary.10.19
21*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled two lot amalgamation plan; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – Implied and Expressed 167A easement; new section 167 easement.14.7
22*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo Lot Subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – 136D Restrictive Covenants; Replacement Plan.14.14
23*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo Lot Subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – easements brought forward, notation used; new easements in gross to be created in documents.14.11.6, 14.15
24*FreeholdSubdivisionSpecial Survey Area subdivision (sheet 1); Schedule of Interests and Notifications – 136C easement carried forward, new 136C easements and 136D Restrictive Covenant, Vesting Lot (PAW); Amendment Schedule.14.9, 14.26.2, 14.14

25* (4 sheets)

FreeholdSubdivisionDeferred Marking Special Survey Area subdivision (sheets 1-3) with survey sheet (sheet 4); Balance Lot depicted over two sheets; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – easement carried forward, new 136D Restrictive Covenant, 70A Notification.14.9, 14.14
26*FreeholdSubdivisionSpecial Survey Area subdivision- Survey Sheet.18.3
27*FreeholdSubdivisionSpecial Survey Area subdivision- Survey Sheet (duplicated on other plans); Non-standard marking depicted18.3
28*FreeholdSubdivisionSpecial Survey Area subdivision- Lot Detail Sheet; Depiction of Retaining Walls10.18
29FreeholdSubdivisionRural subdivision with KM post.9.11

30* (2 sheets)

FreeholdSubdivisionRural subdivision with Crown Grant Road depicted. Schedule of Interests and Notifications – Mineral Reservations created in transfers brought forward.9.44.3, 13.14
31*FreeholdSubdivisionSubdivision of Private Drain under Reg 26A – new corners not marked.3.20
32*FreeholdSubdivisionWater Boundary; Vesting Lot - Reserve for Recreation and Drainage; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – new section 167 easement; Plan amendment before Certified Correct.10.17
33FreeholdSubdivisionCanal development; Vesting Lot - Reserve for Waterway, Non-standard marking.10.17
34FreeholdSubdivisionSchedule of Interests and Notifications – New 195 & 196 LAA easements.14.16
35*FreeholdSubdivisionThree dimensional easements.12.8, 12.13
36*FreeholdSubdivisionThree dimensional easements with cross section.12.13
37*FreeholdSubdivisionThree dimensional subdivision, plan view.12.8
38*FreeholdSubdivisionThree dimensional subdivision, isometric views12.1, 12.8, 12.9
39*FreeholdSubdivisionThree dimensional subdivision, plan view of tenure above and below 3D lots.12.8, 12.9
40Sketch Adverse Possession Application.15.1
41RedefinitionRedefinitionAdverse Possession plan.15.1
42*FreeholdRedefinitionSection 170 TLA Application.5.7
43FreeholdSubdivisionRoad Closure & Crown Land amalgamation - includes easement.11.2
44FreeholdSubdivisionROW (vested) Closure, Crown Land amalgamation, multiple tenures; includes easement.14.14, 11.2

45*(2 sheets)

FreeholdConversionConversion plan; Compiled Certificate signed by Surveyor; Two Sheets.11.10
46*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled subdivision plan with unsurveyed “Sketch on Transfer” boundary.9.47
47*FreeholdSubdivisionSubdivision plan with surveyed “Sketch on Transfer” boundary9.47
48*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled three lot amalgamation; Abutting private entrance; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – new section 167 easement.9.43, 14.6,14.18
49*FreeholdSubdivisionCompiled plan countersigned by eligible surveyor.17.6

50*(3 sheets)

CrownSubdivisionSpecial Survey Area subdivision (sheets 1, 2 & 5); Balance Lot depicted; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – easements carried forward with special notation, new section 167 easement; Survey Sheets added; Plan amendments after approval.10.18, 18.3
51*CrownSubdivisionSection 144 L.A.A . 
52CrownSubdivisionRoad through State Forest.3.17
53CrownSubdivisionRural subdivision - includes road.9.15, 9.24, 13.2
54CrownAcquisitionSole subject Road ex State Forest.11.3
55CrownSubdivisionRoad and Road Closure.11.4, 13.5
56CrownSubdivisionRoad widening and balance lot.9.26, 11.3, 13.4
57CrownSubdivisionLot and water boundary.9.31

58 (5 sheets)

CrownSubdivisionCompiled plan with un-surveyed lot – Survey Registration Minute 1/98.APX-02
59CrownSubdivisionReserve Lot and Water Boundary.9.31
60CrownSubdivisionChristmas Island subdivision.11.8
61CrownSubdivisionLot with access easement.14.17

62* (2 Sheets

CrownSubdivisionAllocation of PIs to Dedicated Road to allow registration of Infrastructure Corridor – refer Schedule of Interests and Notifications.11.11
63*CrownSubdivisionRegulation 5(6) exemption from depicting balance lot; SSM connections.9.15
64CrownSubdivisionRemote Land Parcel (Limited Marking, SSM’s and GPS).9.35
65CrownSubdivisionRemote Land Parcel (Limited Marking and Mines survey).20.9
66CrownSubdivisionExecutive Minute 17/90.APX-02
67CrownSubdivisionSurvey Registration Minute 1/98.APX-02
68*CrownSubdivision3D – isometric views.12.9
69*CrownSubdivisionUnmarked boundary. Definition by geographical co-ordinates.APX-01

70* (2 sheets)

CrownAcquisitionLimited Marking - Road Widenings.APX-01

71* (2 sheets)

CrownAcquisitionLimited Marking – Road and Road Widenings.APX-01
72*CrownSubdivisionGraphic derived from SCDB; Subject to survey – not for alienation purposes.2.12, APX-01
73*CrownStatutoryTownsite plan and Technical Description.2.12

74* (4 sheets)

CrownStatutoryIrrigation Pipeline; GPS and SCDB used to derive dimensions.2.12
75FreeholdInterestNew Easement.14.21.3
76*FreeholdInterestNew easements over multiple lots.14.21.3
77*FreeholdInterestEasement for Support.14.21.3
78*FreeholdInterestEasement for Building Encroachment.14.21.3
79*FreeholdInterestPublic Access Easement14.21.3
80*FreeholdInterestPipeline Easement; Regulation 26A - SCDB used to derive dimensions.14.21.3
81*FreeholdInterestVariation of section 27A easement.14.21.3
82*FreeholdInterestVariations to multiple section 167 easements – restricted in height.14.21.3
83CrownInterestEasements over Crown land.14.21.3

84* (2 sheets)

CrownInterestStatutory Services plan of 3D (LAA section 44) easement.14.21.3
85*FreeholdAcquisitionRoad Widening ex Golf Course where No Balance Lot is Required

9.15,,, 9.22.3

86*FreeholdSubdivisionSubdivision – Soil & Land Conservation Memorial14.4
87*FreeholdSubdivisionMultiple section 167 Easements within One Lot14.5
88FreeholdInterestProfit a prendre – by coordinates; block planting14.21.1, 14.21.3
89FreeholdInterestCarbon Right – by dimensions; block planting14.21.1, 14.21.3
90FreeholdInterestTree Plantation – belt planting14.21.1, 14.21.3

91 (2 sheets)

FreeholdInterestVariation and partial surrender – multiple easements14.21.3
92FreeholdInterestContaminated site14.21.3
93CrownSubdivisionRegistration of Interests over Dedicated Road.11.11
94*FreeholdSubdivisionThree lot subdivision including a vesting ROW, abutting 167A implied easement and new section 167 easement.14.6, 14.18

95* (3 sheets)

FreeholdAcquisitionThree dimensional acquisition (tunnel), plan view, cross section and plan view of tenure above and below 3D lots using schedule of RLs.



96*FreeholdSubdivisionPrivate ROW; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – 167A implied easements; expressed easements carried forward.14.6, 14.18
97*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo lot subdivision; Schedule of Interests and Notifications – easement benefit and burden carried forward, “See Note Z” notation used.14.11.6
98*FreeholdSubdivisionTwo lot subdivision; easement benefit brought forward.14.10
99*FreeholdCrown Land AmalgamationClosure and inclusion of Road.11.2
100*CrownAcquisitionRoad Widening ex. large reserve – no balance required pursuant to Reg 5(6) of TLA (Surveys) Regulations 1995.9.15
101*FreeholdCrown Land AmalgamationROW Closure and Inclusion.11.2, 13.5
102*FreeholdAcquisitionRoad Acquired ex. Freehold showing balance lots. Surrender of original easements.9.15,  9.17,   11.1
103*FreeholdSubdivisionAmalgamation of portion of UCL. Surrender of easements, creation of new road and balance.11.2

104* (2 sheets)

CrownAcquisitionLimited Marking Road showing new lot including existing dedicated road for dedication purposes and road widening shown in inset with separate lot numbers for conveyancing purposes; Non-extinguishment of native title.9.19

105* (2 sheets)

CrownSubdivisionLot and new road showing portion new road three dimensional over easement, part of which is to be surrendered.

9.19, 12.9

106FreeholdInterestEasement or other Interest over built Strata lot14.21.3
107FreeholdSubdivisionSubdivision showing DBNG corridor being brought forward.21.14
108CrownSubdivisionLimited marking Survey, showing Townsite boundary.

9.37.1, APX-01

109FreeholdSubdivisionEnergy Operators (Powers) Act 197914.8
110FreeholdSubdivisionBringing forward Profit A ‘Prendres14.3.1

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