STP-01 Strata Titles Schemes
STP-02 Lots
STP-03 Common Property
STP-04 Strata Title
STP-05 Strata Company
STP-06 Obtaining Approvals
STP-07 The Role of Government Agencies
STP-08 Scheme Notice
STP-09 Scheme Plans
STP-10 Schedule of Unit Entitlements
STP-11 Scheme By-laws
STP-12 Schemes and Amendment of Schemes
STP-13 Merger of Common Property and Lots in Certain Strata Schemes
STP-14 Conversion of Strata Schemes to Survey-Strata Schemes
STP-15 Structural Alteration of Lots
STP-16 On Compulsory Acquisition
STP-17 Termination of a Strata/Survey-Strata Scheme
STP-18 State Administrative Tribunal
STP-19 Appendices
STP-20 Glossary of Terms