Benefits and entitlements

Landgate values our employees as individuals, each with their own unique career aspirations and personal commitments. That is why we offer a flexible working environment and diverse range of benefits and opportunities – so that you can access what is most important to you.

Competitive salary

We offer a competitive salary, applied under the Public Sector General Agreement.

Generous leave arrangements

  • Four weeks’ annual leave, with 17.5% leave loading.
  • Plus, an extra 3 days-in-lieu. This is a special public sector entitlement and equates to having three extra days annual leave. (You just need to use these leave days within the year they were allocated).

Employees are also eligible to access:

  • Personal/carer’s leave - 15 days annually
  • Paid parental leave - 14 weeks
  • Long service leave - 13 weeks for every seven years of continuous service
  • Purchased leave - where appropriate, to help you meet study, family or personal commitments

Career development opportunities

Landgate supports our employees with their professional development through:

  • Courses and programs delivered within our organisation
  • On-the-job training and mentoring
  • The availability of study leave (up to 5 hours per week)
  • External training programs to meet individual capability gaps and interests
  • Fair and equitable access to other career opportunities across government, such as secondments, where this can be accommodated

Flexible work environment

We provide a variety of options to help our people to best balance their work and lifestyle, including:

  • Work from home arrangements, where appropriate
  • Flexible working hours and flexi time
  • Permanent part-time arrangements in many work areas

Wellness program

Landgate offers the following initiatives within our current wellness program. It is our way of supporting employees in taking positive steps to boost their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. (And we are always open to hearing about new ideas to join this list).

  • Wellness workshops – held regularly throughout the year on topics such as mental health, natural therapies, and stress management
  • An annual onsite wellness fair - enabling staff to access general health checks, flu vaccinations, hearing checks, massages, and more, during work hours
  • Onsite fitness classes – with classes tailored to suit employee demand and interests
  • Employee assistance program – offering a free, independent and confidential counselling service to our employees and their immediate family
  • Opportunities to participate in community programs and charity events

This page was last updated on: 28 Mar 2021