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Why choose Landgate?

From our earliest beginnings when Western Australia’s first Surveyor General began to map the length and breadth of our great State, exploration has been part of our DNA. In today’s world, this means keeping continuous improvement at our core.

We’re also all about our people and believe that by actively living our values, every member of the Landgate team contributes to making a bold, dynamic and visionary Landgate.

Come onboard and embrace Landgate’s way of working!

About our Graduate Program

What is involved?

Landgate’s Graduate Program is a structured program. Successful graduates will gain practical knowledge and experience across a variety of business areas, laying the foundation for a successful career in the public sector.

Benefits and support

Competitive salary

We offer a highly competitive salary plus 10.5% superannuation.

Mentoring and buddy allocation

Allocation of a mentor and ‘buddy’ who can help you to adapt to a new work environment, as well as provide regular career development guidance, feedback and professional advice.  Mentors and Buddy’s form part of a support network available to Graduates.  Additionally, Graduates will be provided with access to a variety of support mechanisms, to ensure a range of options exist for them to draw on, should any difficulties arise during the program.

These support mechanisms include:

  • Regular catch ups with People, Culture and Environment (Human Resources)
  • Regular catch ups with other participants in the program and Landgate Graduate Program alumni
  • Where possible, networking opportunities for Aboriginal graduates will be facilitated with other Aboriginal employees at Landgate.

These support mechanisms will also support the transfer of knowledge between experienced Landgate staff and graduates, to help further your knowledge and career.


Making an impact 

Join an innovative, forward-thinking organisation, always on the lookout for better ways to do things. Graduates in the program will be encouraged to contribute ideas and be innovative. Graduates are also encouraged to get involved in diversity initiatives for the benefit of our customers, our people and our community because they are at the heart of everything we do.  One such program is the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group; Landgate’s working group that looks to steer our RAP commitments and drive the implementation of our reconciliation goals across the business.  Learn more about our commitments on our website.

Development opportunities

A structured development program will take place throughout the duration of the program.  You will participate in formal and on-the-job professional development tailored to your individual needs and have the opportunity to complete leadership programs.

You will also participate in the Public Sector Commission (PSC) Graduate Development Program, providing you with exposure to sector wide knowledge, issues and networks.

The aim of the professional development program is to provide a combination of role specific, organisation specific and whole of public sector knowledge and training, relevant to each program participant.

Networking opportunities

Landgate graduates will be provided opportunities both internally and through the PSC Graduate Development Program to build networks with senior leaders across the public sector and partake in organised networking activities with past and present PSC and Landgate Graduate alumni.

How to apply?

Refer to the job advert for eligibility criteria and instructions on how to apply. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on

How do you select successful candidates?

We look for graduates who have great problem-solving skills, enjoy being a team player, are innovative thinkers, can organise themselves to meet deadlines and most of all display a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

The selection process varies each year, but don’t be surprised if you’re asked to come to an interview, undertake a practical and/or group activity, or participate in a psychometric assessment.

Our graduate success stories – where will your career take you?

Landgate Graduate

Mohammed Ali

"The Landgate Graduate Program taught me about the importance of building relationships alongside technical skills. I was drawn to Landgate partly because of its unique position as a statutory authority and its reputation for innovation. In the Graduate Program, I was able to do rotations in several different areas which helped me figure out fairly quickly what I enjoyed and what I was good at doing. One of the most rewarding aspects at Landgate is knowing the impact of the work you’re doing, whether it’s automating a tedious and manual process or organising events for Landgate Youth or putting your hand up for one of the Landgate Hack projects. This is now my third year at Landgate, and the learning (and growth that comes with it) hasn’t stopped."

Landgate Graduate

Kim Nguyen

"The Graduate Program at Landgate was fundamental in allowing me to decide the direction I wanted my career to go. I did an undergraduate degree in Commerce and majored in property development and valuations. Given my property background the initial idea was that I would spend my time at Landgate rotating through the different property valuations teams within the agency. After 10 months in the Valuations Services Business Unit, I knew it was not the career for me and I decided to go back to university and study law. Landgate encouraged my career change and placed me in the legal team before I had even started studying. The flexibility and uniqueness of the graduate program to accommodate to each individual and their career "wants and needs" is extremely helpful in allowing graduates to find out where their passion is.”

Landgate Grad

Luke Rossi

"I applied for the 2020 Landgate general Graduate Program stream, unfortunately being deemed unsuccessful after progressing through the final assessment center stage of the process. Despite being unsuccessful, I was thrilled to receive a call from Landgate a few weeks later letting me know that they had found a role somewhere else in the agency that I was deemed suitable for. Landgate keeping your resume details on file after the graduate application process is a massive positive from this program, as they actively look for roles which may lend themselves to entry-level workers. Since starting at Landgate, I have been given a number of opportunities to work in different teams, learn new skills and transfer between departments – eventually leading me to be working in the Communications team, which was what I studied at university."

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