Landgate's geodetic team provides a range of services to support the surveying and spatial industries. Our vision is to deliver a reliable geodetic framework that provides users with the positioning solutions they need anytime, anywhere in Western Australia.

Geodetic Strategy 

The Landgate Geodetic Strategy for Western Australia to 2020 provides the blueprint for the maintenance of the geodetic system. It identifies five key priorities that will ensure that our State’s geodetic system continues to evolve and serve the needs of a widening user base, which now extends to anyone with a mobile device.

The strategy is a product of industry consultation, research of other national and international geodetic strategies and the Results from the Landgate 2013 Geodetic Questionnaire.

1. Deliver a Fit for Purpose Datum - GDA2020

Landgate, in conjunction with Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping ICSM and Permanent Committee on Geodesy PCG, have had an active technical role in the development of the GDA2020 datum. FAQs and Information about the implementation of GDA2020 is available on the ICSM website. GDA2020 queries that are specific to the implementation by Landgate can be directed to the Landgate - GDA modernisation implementation working group by email

2. Build on CORS - Continuously Operating Reference Station

CORS is critical infrastructure to improve positional accuracy.

Landgate operates 26 CORS across Western Australia and data from these sites is available on the Geoscience Australia (GA) ftp site. All CORS, including those operated by GA, are classified as SSMs and for convenience their site details are aggregated together with the ftp download link.

3. Support Ground Mark Users

Ground marks are vital until the transition to the GNSS is complete.

Landgate maintains an appropriate network of ground marks with the support of the stakeholders. Stakeholders can report the condition of ground marks and retrieve full reports about geodetic survey marks via SLIP Geodetic.

4. Maintain Standards - Download standards and guidelines

Standards are the key to geodetic system integrity.

Landgate complies with ‘Standard for the Australian Survey Control Network Special Publication 1' (SP1 v2.1) for the delivery of the states geodetic network. Stakeholder contributions to the geodetic network must also comply with these standards.

5. Future-proof the Geodetic System

Research and innovation is the path to the future.

Landgate provides support for national projects and is involved in a number of research initiatives that will leverage the technology advances and provide efficiencies for both government and industry. 
Landgate needs to continue monitoring global developments and trends to understand consumer demands for greater accessibility and functionality. This will ensure that the geodetic system evolves to effectively meet the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

For further information contact a member of the Survey Services team: 
By email or call +61 (08) 9273 7111.

Geodetic Information

Geodetic Survey Mark Information and Notification

Geodetic Survey Mark Information

Landgate supplies information for all Standard Survey Marks (SSMs) and Bench Marks (BMs) in Western Australia including the Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) islands.

Project Grids

Project Grid Parameters and Conversion Tools

Landgate provides project grids that can be used for design and construction set out in a plane coordinate environment.

Geodetic Transformations and Calculations

Convert from the Australian Geodetic Datum of Australia 1984 (AGD84) and AGD66 to Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94) or vice versa. Download the software and the transformation grid files to convert your coordinates. Conversions of Christmas and Cocos islands WGS84 coordinates to GDA94 are done by block shifts.

Landgate also provides a calculation service, contact or call +61 (08) 9273 7111 for more information.

Instrument Calibration

EDM Calibration

Landgate provides Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) calibration facilities at one metropolitan and two regional centres, as well as software that allow users to calibrate their EDM.

GNSS Testing Facility 

GNSS testing facility is available at Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley, 24hrs 7days a week.

Digital Levelling System (Bar Coded Staves)

A barcode staff calibration range has been established on the Land Surveyors Licensing Board's examination site at Boya and consists of two observing pillars and a series of 21 stainless steel pins set in a solid granite outcrop. Landgate will regularly monitor and remeasure the test range to ensure its ongoing accuracy and stability.

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